4 Useful Tips While Buying Your First Guitar

If you are reading this article, I’m sure you have decided to buy a guitar.

Well! Congratulations!

Now, the big question – How to choose the right guitar? Purchasing your very first guitar can be hard. Especially, if you don’t have someone with answers to your questions. Things the shop owner won’t tell you.

Newcomers often suffer from doubts about themselves solely because of this reason. Now, if you are asking yourself questions like – “Can I play the guitar? Do I have it in myself?” Well, buddy, let us tell you – You Do! Playing the guitar depends on your passion and the time you put on behind practice rather than the guitar you own.

Moreover, many people are having a hard time after seeing freakishly high prices with the guitar that they like. Don’t worry, the price comes at last. Well categorizing of your choices and narrowing it down will save you from wandering around.

In this article, we are going to share some things you must keep in mind when you are ordering your first guitar online or buying it from a guitar shop.


You need to make sure the instrument you are looking for is playable. How to do that? Well, if you have chosen the right product, there are tons of good reviews available on the internet. It is better if you go for the video reviews as you can hear the sound and its features at the same time.

The guitar is a mechanically challenged instrument. When you are a beginner, things become more intense. Things should go both ways, as when you are practicing, your guitar must be friendly enough to train your fingers. Being friendly with your gear is such a liberating feeling as instruments that are not comfortable usually lessen our hopes.

Therefore, regardless of the price, you must go for the one that is a treat for your hands. I’m not saying you must buy an expensive one, there are lots of guitars available that are awesome and affordable at the same time.

Price Doesn’t Come First

Yes, we were speaking about the price while I thought let’s talk about it more so you don’t think learning guitar will cost you a fortune.

Creating music is one thing, but the real magic lies in your fingers. And, to own those fingers, you need to practice a lot. Besides, you must be comfortable while holding the guitar or playing it. 

Therefore, I have decided not to advocate going extremely cheap on your first guitar.  Trust me, you may brag among your friends about the cheap deal you just got, but that definitely doesn’t add anything to your learning process.

Don’t Go For Second-Hand Instruments

If I am asked to choose one between a brand new cheap guitar and a second hand moderately expensive one, I’d choose the first one. I suggest a beginner should avoid buying an already used instrument unless someone experienced has already seen it, played it, and verified it as a good one.

There are lots of delicate details we want to look for in a used guitar. They are quite temperamental instruments and these details are going to be difficult for someone who has just started his guitar journey. So, if you have an experienced music teacher or a friend who plays guitar for a long time, avoid second-hand deals.

Buy Attractive Guitars

Go for a gear that is visually appealing to you. It is very likely that there is an artist who inspired you to learn the guitar in the first place. From that, we can say visual attention plays an important role in the consistency of your eagerness to practice regularly. Wouldn’t it be fun to play an instrument that represents the artist whom you idolize?

Wait, you don’t have someone? Ask your child or younger brother. I’m sure they do.

Yes, I know it’ll cost you a fortune if your idol is Dave Mustaine or John Petrucci. But, if you search you will find almost the exact product as theirs that you can afford.

Common Guitars to Start With

We don’t want to directly push you towards a product and say that suits you. You have your own taste. Put a little bit of effort and I’m sure you will find what you want. However, if you are looking for an acoustic guitar, the Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar will be a perfect gear for a beginner like you.

Brands like Fender and Yamaha are great for motivating beginners and bringing them some amazing guitars at a low price.


I hope I could help by sharing some of my key thoughts regarding beginner’s guitar choice. Use these points when you buy your first guitar or one for your child. Don’t rush into something you will regret later. If you want a temporary solution, you could always rent!

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