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We are the ones who can understand your love and passion for musical gears such as a guitar. Guitar Manifesto is all about helping people choose the right gear and setting them on a right path. A good guitar should contain a certain set of attributes and that is our main concern. Our comparisons and recommendations help a lot of newcomers choose their favorite gear from some of the top sellers

We collect tips from the best musicians all over the world. Their advice will surely help you to take your journey of becoming a musician to the next level. Do visit our website more often to keep yourself updated by reading what they want to share!

Think Once, Read Twice!

Your decision about buying music gear is as important to us as it is to you. We strictly follow a procedure of displaying valid information on our website so that no one gets misguided. That is why we encourage you to go through the writing that you are reading twice just to be a hundred percent sure.

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How To Write Guitar Reviews

How We Write Guitar Reviews

An interesting, yet important thing for you to understand is – Should you actually trust guitar reviews? Are guitar reviews worth reading? Isn’t it enough to go ahead and order them online after roaming around the website for a while?

Maybe it is not only about your budget. Sometimes, you have a good amount of money to invest and despite doing research for a while, you trust your instincts other than some of the most trustworthy review sites. Well, we don’t say it is always bad, but you don’t want to make a mistake while making one of the biggest decisions of your life (Indeed it is, for almost all the musicians out there. . .


Experts of Guitar Manifesto have a good set of eyes that are enough to find out the current best guitars. It doesn’t matter whether you want an acoustic, bass, electric, guitalele or any other product, their sole priority is to generate a clean report on music gears.


Our aim is crystal clear. We want to help passionate musicians find their favorite gear and start turning his dream into a reality. What we want for people is to look around our website and locate what they are looking for. Hopefully, they will find all the information they need to take the next step and order the guitar.


  • Review High-Quality Guitars
  • Compare Different Guitars Of The Same Category
  • Review Guitar Elements
  • Recommend the Best Gear in a Given Price Range
  • Deliver Quality Music Tips
  • Collect Guitar Lessons and Share With the Community