Acoustic Guitars Used By Famous Musicians

Most famous musicians are professional guitarists and have a good deal of experience with different guitar brands. The acoustic guitar is well-liked by singer-songwriters and is perfect for live performances and recordings.

Famous musicians such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer, among others are pro acoustic guitarists. The choice of acoustic guitar played by famous musicians is not solely dependent on the brand.

You’d think that famous musicians opt for the most expensive acoustic guitar or the most popular brand but this is not the case. Popular musicians do not compromise on the quality of the guitar. In addition, they explore different brands before settling on one.

4 Acoustic Guitars Used By Famous Musicians

Martin Acoustic Guitar

The Martin acoustic guitar has the reputation of being the first brand to build the first acoustic guitar. This brand has stood the test of time, invention, and technology by continuing to be outstanding in the quality of acoustic guitars it manufactures. The Martin LX1 Series acoustic guitar for instance is an outstanding model and is played by Ed Sheeran.

Some of the best features of Martin acoustic guitars are:


Martin guitars are accommodating and flexible with strings. The guitar does well with light or heavy strings. It is a great guitar for guitarists who like to explore different strings.

Neck Reset

This guitar brand offers a free neck reset, which indicates that their work is to be trusted and they have confidence that their guitars are long-lasting.


The sound quality of Martin acoustic guitars is consistent in every situation. Whether you are recording at your guitar studio or doing a live performance, you are guaranteed a bright high-end tone.

These and many other features are why famous musicians such as Ed Sheeran and Chris Cornell own a Martin acoustic guitar.

Martin acoustic guitars are however pricey and may discourage beginner guitarists from buying one.


Gibson not only manufactures some of the best electric guitars but is also outstanding in its acoustic guitars. Gibson acoustics is highly revered and sought out by musicians. For instance, Gibson SJ-200 has long been Bob Dylan’s outstanding guitar in many of his performances. The birth of the Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition came after Bob Dylan’s use of Gibson acoustics.

Here’s why Gibson acoustic guitars are popular with famous musicians:

Quality Of Building Materials

One of the things that make Gibson acoustic guitars expensive and the choice for many musicians is the high-end materials used in their making. The Gibson J-45 for instance is cut from rare rosewood.

Rosewood is extremely hardy and is perfect for touring musicians because it can withstand harsh climate conditions.


Gibson acoustic guitars deliver a balanced sound. The Gibson J-45 for instance has a good balance between bass and treble. This exact Gibson acoustic model also has prolonged sustain and harmonic response.

Brand and Reputation

Gibson is a well-grounded and reputable acoustic guitar company and this has been the case for the last century. As a result, Gibson guitars are expensive, which is a downside.

Apart from Bob Dylan, famous musicians such as John Lennon and Dave Grohl also play a Gibson acoustic guitar.


Yamaha is reputable for manufacturing high-quality but affordable instruments. This includes acoustic guitars. Yamaha also has high-end acoustic guitars such as Yamaha FGX5 acoustic guitar.

Famous musicians such as Elton John and Andy McKee use Yamaha acoustic guitars and here is why:


Yamaha builds its guitars with solid bodies and features mahogany wood for many of its acoustic guitars. Yamaha acoustic guitars are hardy and durable.

Price Range

Yamaha covers all budgets when it comes to acoustic guitars. It has high-end and expensive guitars such as the Yamaha SA2200 that costs $2999 and affordable acoustic guitars for beginners.


Yamaha guitars are ideal for recording music and playing live performances. They are equipped with high-quality pickups and preamps, as well as great sound to make them suitable for all events.

If you are a beginner guitarist and want to invest in a guitar that famous musicians have invested in, you should consider a Yamaha within your budget.


Since 1974, Taylor acoustic guitars have held a good reputation for the quality and sound the guitars have. Taylor guitars are also known for being affordable for guitarists on a budget. For instance, the Taylor Baby BBT is a good guitar for beginners because it is:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to play

Taylor Swift, John Mraz, and many other musicians use the Taylor acoustic guitar for their awesome records. High-end Taylor acoustic guitars like the Taylor 314 have incomparable features such as:

Great Quality

Taylor 314 features a mahogany neck and solid sapele on the body, making it a durable guitar that can play through any weather or humidity.


The Taylor 314 has a unique grand auditorium shape that is not only beautiful but also easy to hold for guitarists.

The grand auditorium shape also gives the Taylor 314 rich overtones that allow it to cover most music genres and different styles.


Famous musicians pick their acoustic guitars according to their style and music genre. Brand reputation and guitar quality are also something that influences guitar picks. Some of the popular acoustic guitar brands played by famous musicians like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer, among others are Gibson, Yamaha, Taylor, and Martin.


Does Ed Sheeran Play an Acoustic Guitar?

Yes. Some of the acoustic guitars that Ed Sheeran plays are the Martin LX1E and Fender Stratocaster.

Does Taylor Swift Use an Acoustic Guitar?

Taylor Swift plays both acoustic and electric guitars.  She uses the Taylor PS-14CE Grand Auditorium electric-acoustic guitar. Her best electric guitar is the Red Sparkle Gibson Les Paul.

Which Is the Best Acoustic Guitar Brand?

Some of the best acoustic guitar brands are Yamaha, Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Fender, Epiphone, and Ibanez.

Which Is the Most Copied Acoustic Guitar?

The dreadnought acoustic guitar body has been adapted by many guitar manufacturers and is the most common guitar body for acoustics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What acoustic guitar do most professionals use?

When you pay attention to the preferences of various professional musicians, you will notice that the **Martin D-28** features quite prominently. Loved and revered in the music world, the Martin D-28 has earned its spot as the most beloved acoustic guitar due to its superior quality and consistently impressive performance. The guitar’s popularity among professionals lies in its manufacturing, employing the finest tonewoods, and boasting exceptional craftsmanship. Whether for recording sessions, jamming with friends, or performing to thousands on stage, the Martin D-28 never fails to deliver the rich and refined tone musicians are after.

What is the most famous acoustic guitar ever?

Discussing the most famous acoustic guitar of all time, the conversation cannot be complete without mentioning Willie Nelson’s ’69 Martin N-20, lovingly referred to as **Trigger**. This guitar has seen better days, filled with scars and scratches that tell a story of its numerous encounters. Yet, this doesn’t tarnish its popularity but rather adds a level of charm and authenticity that no other guitar has managed to replicate. The guitar is as iconic as the man who owns it. The rugged façade and distinct sound it produces align perfectly with Nelson’s personality, making it a match made in heaven.

What is the holy grail of acoustic guitars?

If you are a guitar enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the term ‘Holy Grail’ thrown around quite a bit. In the context of acoustic guitars, the term is often used to describe a guitar that has reached mythical status – and in the eyes of many, that would be a **pre-War Martin**. It’s a term that isn’t thrown out lightly, it has to have a certain aura to it. These masterpieces are renowned for their clear, balanced sound stretching from bass to treble, creating the kind of sustain and power that leaves anyone who plays it in awe. The beauty and craftsmanship of a Pre-War Martin guitar are simply unmatched – some might even say divine.

What was John Lennon’s acoustic guitar?

There is a guitar that etched its way into music history when it was regularly seen in the hands of the great John Lennon of The Beatles. That guitar is none other than the **Gibson J-160E**. This guitar made its mark in several of the band’s early hits. When it mysteriously disappeared, it set off a 50-year mystery that intrigued and baffled fans and music historians alike. The guitar finally resurfaced in California, bringing an end to the long-standing mystery. The story of Lennon and his Gibson is just another testament to the intimate bond between a musician and his instrument.


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