If you want to sharpen your guitar skills, you should consider having your own guitar to play and practice whenever you want.

One of the best guitars you can buy is a Fender Acoustic Guitar, which is a friendly pick for beginners. However, if you are an experienced guitarist, Fender has several good picks you can consider.

Read on to learn more about Fender Acoustic guitars, and how they compare to other brands.

Are Fender Acoustic Guitars Good?

Fender is a good guitar brand. It is an affordable guitar brand. This brand has an enormous variety of guitars one can select from.

It is the brand choice for legendary guitarists. This makes Fender one of the most popular guitar brands. Although Fender is a famous brand, this does not mean that it is good only because of its fame. The brand does not compromise on quality.

Every feature on the Fender guitar is made of great quality materials. The uncompromised quality makes some Fender guitars highly-priced, with one of its most highly-priced guitars worth over 3 million dollars.

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Where Is Fender Made?

Fender is based in the U.S. and the headquarters are in Corona, California. Fender guitars are made in California. Other Fender guitar manufacturing areas include Mexico, Japan, and China.

How Much Are Fender Guitars?

A Fender guitar could cost you as low as $200 or as high as millions of dollars, depending on which one you want to buy.

Fender is considered an expensive guitar brand when compared to other brands. It is a famous brand and is endorsed by famous guitarists.

The most expensive Fender guitar in the world is Gilmour’s iconic black Stratocaster which sold for 3.9 million dollars.

Is Fender Guitar good for beginners?

Fender is a good guitar brand for beginners. If you are a beginner, it is one of the brands to consider when buying a guitar, and here’s why:

  • It is well-priced for entry-level
  • The sound is balanced
  • It is easy to learn with

Best Fender Guitars to buy

Squier by Fender Affinity Starcaster

This guitar is made by Fener from scratch. It is beautifully designed with maple material and a satin neck finish. It has an eye-catching candy apple red color. The hardware is chrome-plated, to enhance the quality and deliver the best sound.

Maybe you want a guitar with minimal feedback. Squire by Fender has an offset arched semi-hollow body to deliver minimal feedback. The bridge is adjustable. The guitar also has a stopbar stale piece, which creates stability.

The guitar has a unique and stylish touch. Its contoured headstock makes the design very desirable and unique. The guitar is easy to play because of its C-shaped neck. It delivers maximum comfort when playing. It gives a natural feel when playing.


  • It is an affordable guitar
  • The design is stylish
  • It feels light when playing
  • The tones are rich and vibrant

Kingman Acoustic Bass Guitar

If you are looking for a bass guitar, consider Fender Kingman. This guitar has painted mahogany back and side. It is uniquely made, with a stylish design. It has a C-shaped neck that is made of mahogany, making it durable.

This guitar’s soundboard provides you with a perfect tonal element of an acoustic guitar. The top is made of spruce. Spruce is a great wood for guitars. It is known for opening up and giving better sound with time.

The guitar also has unique electric-inspired features. The slim-taper “C”-shaped mahogany Jazz Bass neck feels like playing an electric guitar. it delivers for the acoustic guitar player who wants a slim neck for comfort.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is made for durability
  • It is an acoustic guitar with a slim neck
  • It electric-guitar-like features


  • The pre-amp is not unique for bass

Fender 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is an acoustic-electric guitar, made of high-quality mahogany and in a brushed black color. It is a popular acoustic-electric guitar. You can switch between electric and acoustic tones comfortably with this guitar.

The guitar offers you a set of six voices.  For a guitarist looking for a guitar with a unique personality, this one delivers exactly that. the switch between acoustic and electric is facilitated by the streamlined 3-way switch.

It is made of high-quality materials. The guitar features a unique lightweight, making it portable and easy to play. It comes with a bag in case one requires to move it for gigs.


  • It has a set of six tone
  • It is easy to switch between acoustic and electric
  • It is light to carry
  • The guitar has a unique personality


  • The battery dies if left plugged in


How Much Does It Cost To Learn the Guitar?

Learning to play the guitar involves committing to taking lessons. If you are looking into taking guitar lessons, the cost depends on the trainer.

Guitar lessons cost at least 20 dollars an hour and could be hundreds of dollars an hour. The most experienced trainers are expensive. The price also depends on the nature of lessons; whether online or physical.

Which Is the Easiest Way To Learn Acoustic Guitar?

Taking acoustic guitar lessons is the easiest way to learn. However, how you take the lessons determines how fast you get to be an expert.

Consistency creates higher chances of learning. Taking physical classes instead of online might also be easier because you get immediate feedback and correction for errors.


Fender is an amazing guitar brand that manufactures high-quality guitars. The brand is known for its lightweight and uniquely styled guitar models. Fender is a favorable brand for beginner guitar players.

This brand is fair in the prices. While expensive Fender guitars are costing up to millions of dollars, it also has affordable guitars that cost below 300 dollars, with excellent quality.

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