To be an expert at anything, learning and practice are everything. The best way to learn something is by creating time to research, take lessons, and practice it.

The guitar is an interesting instrument. It is a popular instrument to learn if you are thrilled by music. Perhaps you want to add a new skill or learn the guitar from zero, then you have thought about taking guitar lessons.

Taking guitar lessons could mean doing online tutorials with an expert, or attending guitar lessons physically. Online resources like YouTube videos can also be used to learn the guitar.

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Guitar lessons are worth the trial. If you are a newbie and need to be an expert guitar player, taking lessons will be essential. Guitar lessons are also effective for a person who doesn’t know even the basics of playing.

Taking guitar lessons depends on the goal you want to accomplish with guitar playing. If your interest in the guitar is a hobby or just an added skill, then lessons might not be that important.

While guitar lessons require you to commit a good amount of time, they are the quickest and most reliable way to learn. You also need to have a budget for the lessons and be willing to maintain consistency in attending the lessons.

Guitar Lessons categories

Consider learning to play the guitar as a course. There are types of lessons, mainly physical and online lessons.

Physical Guitar Lessons

These are the lessons where you need to leave your house or office for a class/venue. Physical classes are effective for first-time guitar players.

The other form of physical guitar classes is when you hire an expert to come over to your place for lessons. This is a good method for parents who need their children to learn the guitar or for people who do not want to commute.


  • These are the advantages of attending guitar lessons physically:
  • It is easier to learn for beginners
  • You will receive direct feedback on your progress
  • It is easier to ask questions and seek clarification
  • You will not miss out on fine details
  • You will grasp more skills practically


  • Attending guitar lessons face to face has its downsides, including:
  • It is expensive
  • Commuting to class is time-consuming
  • You cannot fix classes flexibly if you attend the lesson with others
  • The hustle of finding a good teacher

Online Guitar Lessons

Over the last decade, learning has evolved from physical to online environments. Short and long courses like degrees can be done online, and effectively.

Online guitar lessons are equally effective. If you desire to learn the guitar, whether professionally or as a hobby, you should consider online lessons.


  • You can learn under a flexible schedule
  • Online lessons are cheaper
  • You can have multiple trainers
  • Lessons can be done anywhere
  • Learning is at your pace


  • It is hard to get direct feedback on your progress
  • Online lessons are easy to skip
  • Learning is easily affected by your internet connection

Verdict On Online Guitar Lessons Vs Physical Lessons

The decision on the type of guitar lesson to go with depends on a few factors. Some of them include:

  • Your schedule
  • Your budget
  • The goal of your guitar skills
  • Level of your current guitar skills
  • Number of trainers you need

If you do not have any skills in guitar, starting off with a few face-to-face lessons should be helpful. Once you have a foundation, you can do online lessons to add up to the skills acquired.

Weighing the pros and cons of both lessons, the best choice for beginners is physical lessons while the best choice for experienced guitar players is online lessons.


How Much Are Physical Guitar Lessons?

Getting a private tutor for your guitar lessons will cost you 40-70 dollars hourly on average. Some tutors charge as low as 20 dollars per hour, while others charge as high as 100 dollars per hour.

These charges depend on how experienced the trainer is and how advanced their skills are. If you prefer a known trainer, you can expect higher charges.

What Can I Expect On My First Guitar Lesson?

For a beginner, the trainer will do an introduction to guitar playing, as well as familiarize you with guitar basics.  You might also learn how to hold the guitar properly. Your trainer will not get into details during your first lesson, so there’s no need to feel anxious.


Guitar lessons are worth it when you need to learn how to play the guitar from scratch and when you need to advance your skills in guitar playing.

The two types of guitar lessons; online and physical are effective when one is willing to make consistent efforts in the learning process. The choice between the two depends on your level of skills and what you hope to achieve.

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