4 Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship – 2023 Review

Every music genre comes with its demands, especially when it comes to instruments. 

It is essential to pay attention to what a particular genre demands to make your skill outstanding. As far as worship is concerned, one cannot do away with the acoustic guitar.

Buying the right acoustic guitar not only enhances your skill but also keeps you comfortable when playing for a long session. Also, the environment the worship music is played is an important factor to consider before you buy an acoustic guitar for worship.

If you just landed a worship guitar gig in a church, this review has some ideal options for the best acoustic guitars for worship to ensure that you have a great time buying one.

Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship Reviews- Top Picks

Taylor 200 Series 210e Deluxe Dreadnought

The Taylor 200 series 210e is made of a mix of high-quality and durable woods. It features a solid Sitka spruce back and sides and has a layered rosewood bracing pattern. The fingerboard is made of genuine African ebony wood.

This guitar stands out in the sound it delivers, which makes it perfect for worship music. The guitar has a sweet and incredibly bright tone. In addition to being sweet and bright, this Taylor has high levels of tonal clarity. Furthermore, the guitar is not brassy as other guitars with bright tones are.

The guitar is all-rounded with amazing features for worship such as a fully glossed-up body, great intonation on the neck, and exquisite playability. This acoustic guitar comes with professionally made pickups that make it even more interesting to play.


  • Features a fully glossed-up body
  • Great clarity
  • High-quality pickups
  • The sweet and bright tone


Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

If you want a good acoustic guitar for worship that will not cost you a fortune, the Yamaha FG800 is a great option. This guitar features Solid Sitka Spruce and a rosewood fingerboard, qualifying it to be of high quality and durable. The guitar has a natural finish that gives it a perfect look for worship music.

This guitar features the new scalloped bracing pattern, which is an ideal acoustic structure. This pattern not only maintains the durability of the top board but also brings out the natural sound of the guitar.

The guitar has a stronger and louder sound in low-mid ranges compared to other acoustic guitars because of the cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology. This plus the good playability makes this guitar awesome for worship.

This Yamaha series features a variety of tonewoods and color options with the same high-quality features. One can choose according to what suits their style of playing. The guitar comes with a storage case, making it easier for you to store and carry around for gigs.


  • It is affordable
  • Strong and loud low-mid ranges
  • Features a new scalloped bracing pattern
  • Natural finish


  • It needs to be tuned

Martin LX1E Little Martin Solid Sitka Spruce

This acoustic guitar is Martin’s smallest and is perfectly suited for those who prefer small-sized guitars. It is 23’’ in length and is awesome if you travel around with your guitar. If you play worship music in concerts or missions, this acoustic guitar is a great option because of its portable size.

The guitar features a natural finish and is made of a high-quality Sitka Spruce body and mahogany neck and a warm satin finish. The wood used to make this guitar is certified and durable.

In contrast with its size, this acoustic guitar has an impressively big tone. It is a great guitar to play both in small spaces at worship rooms or in worship camps. You cannot tell the difference in sound quality between this little Martin and a full-size guitar.

This guitar delivers enhanced playability which makes it easy for a beginners, intermediate players, and professional players. The guitar is hardy and able to withstand long worship sessions or long hours of playing.


  • It is portable
  • It is hardy
  • Has a big tone
  • Suitable for every level of playing


  • The nut was cut a bit low on the high E string

Taylor 214ce-K Grand Auditorium

If you are looking for a super playable acoustic guitar for worship, Taylor 214ce-K Auditorium is a good choice. 

First, this guitar is made of a durable Koa wood body, while the neck wood features the rare West African Ebony. This guitar is therefore hardy and can withstand long hours of practice in any environment.

This guitar has a Venetian cutaway and a thin matte finish that not only makes it stylish but also gives it optimal resonance. The making of this acoustic guitar and the wood featured delivers exquisite projection and amazing clarity in its tone.

The other impressive features found on this acoustic guitar that makes it ideal for worship are; white binding, faux tortoiseshell pickguard, and solid Sitka spruce top. A padded gig bag is also included to help with portability when you have worship gigs.


  • Has good clarity and projection
  • Padded gig bag
  • Super playable
  • Has optimal resonance


  • It is pricey

Buyer’s Guide for Acoustic Guitar for Worship


The design of your acoustic guitar matters when playing worship music. Some acoustic guitars have a flashy finish that might not appeal in church or at a worship concert. It is favorable to go for a more natural-looking design for a worship acoustic guitar.

Guitar Playability

In most cases, worship sessions are long and you need a guitar that you can be comfortable playing for a long. Ensure that the design suits your hands and the size of the acoustic guitar is comfortable to hold for a long.


Of all other acoustic guitar features, you should not compromise on the sound. First, the acoustic guitar should please your ears when playing. A good acoustic guitar should deliver an audible, rich, and warm sound. The guitar should also hold its tune for prolonged periods.


The acoustic guitar you choose for worship music should enhance your skill and make it easy to play. There are things to consider when deciding which acoustic guitar to buy for worship. This includes design, durability, playability, price, and sound. A good acoustic guitar for worship should be both appealing to you in sound and perfectly designed to suit the environment of worship.

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