5 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Guitar Amp(2023)

Let’s be honest,

There’s no feeling that can replace playing your favorite guitar tune through a cranked-up guitar amp.

However, every melodic nuance cannot resonate perfectly without a modest pair of headphones plugged into your amp.

Unfortunately, some players ignore the terrible mistakes they make while playing with an amp by muffling the sound through distortion and loud volume.

A clean pair of headphones for a guitar amp can help you to experience every tune as refined as sound mastered through an audio console.   

However, with many different models on display, choosing the best quality set of headphones can be quite confusing. Therefore, to narrow down your search, we’ve crafted this informative article to guide you through the best headphones for guitar amps in the market.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Guitar Amp

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones (Best Wireless)

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is by far among the most popular professional studio monitoring headphones in the marketplace.

This pair of closed-back headphones for a guitar amp is uniquely designed with a guitar-friendly extended frequency range of 15Hz to 28kHz.

This model features professional bass response conversant with many bass guitarists. The circumaural design is a notable addition for blocking background noise with amazing ear cups flexible enough to swivel up to 90°.

The rotary phone’s feature allows you to monitor the sound of your guitar with a single ear, while the extended frequency response defines sound clarity with every tune you pluck.

Generally, Audio Technica sounds perfect and comfortable with unbeatable value for your money.


  • Best studio headphones for deejaying, tracking, recording, and audio experience
  • Durable ear pads and headband
  • Professional sound output.
  • Value for money


  • Good for mixing rather than leisure listening

Sony MDR7506

Sony is a popular giant brand known for producing quality electronic systems. Therefore, by picking Sony MDR7506 headphones for a guitar amp you’ll be choosing quality and value over price.

This headphone model is designed with neodymium rare magnets and 40mm drivers for improved power and sound quality.

It has a perfect guitar practice frequency range of between 10Hz and 20 kHz with an impedance of 63 ohms.

Sony MDR7506 comes with a gold-studded plugin, a 9.8 feet long cable, ¼ inch jack adapter, and a non-detachable 3m spiral cable. 

The audio response may not be as excellently clear as some costly headphones on the market but it’s worth the price.

The ear cups are collapsible allowing you to fold them inward during storage and pack them inside the extra transit soft carry bag.


  • Powerful bass and mid-range frequency reception
  • Studio quality impedance
  • 40-millimeter drivers with neodymium quality magnets for clear sound response
  • Foldable ear cups for easier storage


  • The strong bass might be bothersome
  • High frequencies might be hissy to some

Beyerdynamic DT-880

This DT 880 Pro from Beyerdynamic presents itself as a semi-open high impedance 250 Ohms device, which makes it a perfect studio-quality headphone.

Added comfort is improved by an adjustable soft padded headband and permeable ear cups. The circumaural ear pads magnify the audio response clarity by blocking the background noise.

As if that is not enough, the DT 880 Pro comes with a ¼ inch jack adapter and a mini-jack with a single-sided non-detachable three-meter coiled plugging connection cable.

This pair of headphones for a guitar amp is surprisingly flexible allowing you to use them in the studio or at home either for gaming or listening to your favorite tunes.

The DT880 Pro model performs great at mid-range with strong bass and treble. However, heavy treble tracks may produce some hissing, but it’s not a big deal if you are using a guitar amp. 


  • High impedance of 250 Ohms
  • Semi-open design with natural neutral soundstage feature
  • Super accurate sound reproduction
  • Additional sturdy carry bag to ease transportation


  • Hissing on treble-heavy tracks
  • lack noise-cancellation feature

Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

SRH840 professional monitoring headphones are a good choice if you are a sound engineer or musician.

It is a super-quality pair of headphones with a superb audio experience, improved comfort, and matchless durability.   

Shure is a major player in the audio industry and truly these guys have not disappointed with their release of SRH840 professional headphones for guitar amps.

Astonishingly, SRH840 is designed with a fully detachable coiled cable allowing you to use your cable if you like.

The threaded ¼ inches gold-plated adapter facilitates the plugging of the headphones into your guitar amp.

On top of that, Shure is an ideal headphone for a studio recording with excellent highs and mid-ranges tailored to sound your bass guitar extra-lively across all music genres.

The package also includes extra replacement ear pads and a soft padded carry bag for easier transportation.


  • High-quality sound reception
  • Extra accessories included with the package
  • Proven value for money
  • Excellent comfort


  • Response audio is almost completely flat

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

The HD 650 open-back professional headphone from Sennheiser comes highly rated by top musicians and producers as a product of choice due to its specialty in dampening frequency range and ability to lessen harmonic distortion at a stunning rate.

Neodymium magnets intensify your sound with more clarity while the weightless aluminum voice coils increase the rate of the transient response for a quicker reception.

This model comes with a 3.5 mm jack plug and a lengthy cable for efficient flexibility as you play your guitar.

Sennheiser HD 650 is designed with dynamic systems polished to reduce harmonic and inter-modular distortions and produce an amazing sonic response with a standard frequency range of 10 decibels.  

Considering the value, this headphone for a guitar amp is worth more than its price.


  • Super-slick design
  • Excellent sonic output
  • Quality comfort      


  • Might be costly for some

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Bluetooth headphones with a guitar amp?

One of the many benefits that modern technology has offered musicians is the integration of Bluetooth technology into a wide array of musical equipment, including guitar amplifiers. For a majority of these contemporary guitar amps, you’ll find a headphone jack or port that’s specifically designed for this purpose. But what if you only have Bluetooth headphones? Can they work too?

Well, the answer is absolutely yes. There's actually a pretty simple solution: all you need is a Bluetooth adapter, which is widely available online or in electronics stores. Once you've got one, all you need is to connect it to your amp, and then you're ready to pair your Bluetooth headphones with it – easy as pie.

But it doesn't end there! Another neat trick is to connect your Bluetooth headphones to a multi-effect pedal, in case your particular amp doesn't have a headphone jack. Then, you can play the same effect using this pedal, without the need for any additional equipment. As a passionate guitarist myself, I've found this to be a really enjoyable way to experiment with different sounds and effects, all without causing a racket.

Are Bluetooth guitar amps a good investment?

Over my years as a musician and guitar enthusiast, I’ve been asked a number of times if Bluetooth guitar amps are worth investing in. To set the record straight, I strongly believe they are, especially taking into account their versatility and convenience.

Let's start with practising in your room – a task that all guitarists, novices and pros alike, have to find the time for. Being able to play your guitar with a Bluetooth amp, and perhaps even along to backing tracks, makes practice much more engaging and fun.

Further, if you're jamming with friends or performing a gig, Bluetooth amps allow you to easily play along to your favourite songs and backing tracks.

But it's not just about their ease of use – Bluetooth amps are also a breeze to transport. They're much lighter than conventional amps, causing less of a headache (and backache) when it comes to lugging them around. Storing them is also more convenient due to their compact size.

So, are Bluetooth guitar amps worth it? In the words of every guitarist who's ever tried one out: Absolutely.

What is the recommended headphone impedance for a guitar amp?

As an audiophile and a musician, one of the technical aspects that fascinates me the most is the concept of headphone impedance, and the substantial impact it has on the quality of sound produced. Impedance is an essential factor to consider when choosing headphones for your guitar amp.

Broadly speaking, headphones with an impedance rating of 50 ohms or above, when paired with an amplifier, create a sound quality that's truly hard to match. Although you can still operate 80-ohm headphones without an amplifier, the sound produced won't be quite the same.

High-impedance headphones are typically pro-grade, which means they're specifically designed to handle high outputs, like those from a guitar amp. Plus, they're more durable in the long run, which, in my experience, turns out to be a great return on investment.

One point to remember is that high impedance headphones, like 80-ohm models, aren't really designed for use without an amp – the result would be sound that lacks power and may even be dull. So, if you're really looking to boost sound quality and make the most out of your headphones, an amplifier is a wise addition to your kit.


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