4 Best Electric Guitar for Recording 2023– Review

Rocking out on an electric guitar can be an exhilarating experience that can leave you feeling like a pro guitarist.

However, when it comes to recording your guitar, the stakes can be higher- you will want to make sure you have an instrument that not only sounds incredible, but also delivers the quality you need to capture your music in every aspect. 

With so many electric guitars on the market, you will need to look harder to find the right guitar for your recording needs. In this guide, we explore the best electric guitar for recording, and the key factors to consider. 

Best Electric Guitar for Recording- Reviewed

Fender Player Lead II

The Fender Player Lead II Electric Guitar is a modern design for the classic Lead II model from the 1970s. It features a solid alder body with a gloss polyester finish in an eye-catching neon green color.

This guitar comes in a maple neck that has a C-shaped profile and a satin finish, which provides a comfortable playing experience. In addition, the guitar features a 9.5’’ fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, which allows easy string bending and fast playing or shredding.

The guitar features a steady tremolo system that delivers smooth vibratos. Also, it comes with Alnico 5 single-coil pickups that deliver a classic Fender tone with a beautiful modern twist. The guitar has a three-way pickup selector switch, which provides versatile tone options, making it awesome for recording creative lead guitar.

If you have long recording sessions, this guitar is lightweight, and you can strum it for long hours. The guitar has low action and zero instances of buzzing. It is a beginner-friendly guitar and comes at a reasonable price.


  • It is light
  • It has low action
  • Original pickups
  • Comfortable fingerboard


  • It is slightly smaller than a strat

Squier Classic Vibe 60s Stratocaster

The Squier classic vibe 60s Stratocaster is a budget-friendly option for those looking to get their hands on a Stratocaster-style guitar without breaking the bank. This guitar is also perfect for those looking for a recording guitar with a vintage vibe.

This guitar’s most outstanding features include The 60s-style headstock, classic colors, and aged plastic parts that give it a unique and retro look. The alder body gives the guitar a bright tone and adds to the vintage look.

The guitar features a 9.5-inch radius fretboard and 21 medium jumbo frets. The neck is thin and comfortable, for players with small hands to play with ease. The frets are well-polished for smooth playability.

If you are looking to record an authentic Fender tone, this guitar is a good option for you. It features original fender alnico single coil pickups that do not compromise on tone.


  • It is affordable
  • Has a vintage design
  • Authentic fender tone
  • Slim and comfortable neck


  • It is a little too bright

Ibanez AMH90 Artcore Expressionist

This guitar is the ideal description of versatility. The Ibanez AMH90 guitar is made of maple and ebony, making it a great guitar for recording. You can carry it to your recordings without stressing about damage.

The guitar is equipped with Super 58 pickups that offer a rich and warm sound suitable for a variety of genres. The pickups are also exceptional in delivering good output with a vintage tone. In addition, these pickups are controlled by individual volume and tone knobs, allowing for easy tone shaping and pickup selection.

The fretboard gives a good attack, compact lows, and awesome sustain. In addition, the frets are medium-sized to enhance the accuracy of the tones.

If you are looking for a guitar with incredible tonal versatility, this guitar is the best option for you. Furthermore, the guitar has a Tri-sound switch that gives the humbucker pickups three different sounds, giving you even more versatility.


  • Great tone
  • It is versatile
  • It is durable
  • Quality workmanship


  • The frets are sharp

ESP LTD EC-401 Electric Guitar

If you are a professional guitar player, the ESP LTD EC-401 guitar is a good guitar for recording. The guitar has a sleek, black finish and a classic single-cutaway design. The guitar is made of the best wood; rosewood and mahogany, known for their hardiness and durability.

This guitar’s three-piece mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard provide a smooth playing experience especially when recording. The mahogany body gives a warm and rich tone and is perfect for playing jazz.

In addition, the guitar features EMG 81 and 60 pickups, which are popular among metal and hard rock players for their high output and clarity. This guitar is therefore perfect for players who desire a durable instrument for a variety of playing styles.


  • Features durable wood
  • Has tonal versatility
  • Great for different playing styles
  • It is a professional guitar


  • It is expensive

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Guitar for Recording

Wood Type

Guitar wood is not only responsible for the weight, look, and feel of the guitar, but it also determines the tone. Furthermore, different types of wood have different tonal qualities. If you want a warmer sound, an electric guitar with rosewood, mahogany, or alder is ideal. Lighter guitar woods such as alder and ashwood deliver brighter tones.


Electric guitars cost differently, depending on the brand, materials, and making. When buying an electric guitar for recording, consider your budget and work within it so as not to overstretch your pocket.


The type of neck on the guitar impacts its playability and sound. Different neck shapes and sizes also affect the way you play and feel the guitar. The best neck for an electric guitar is what feels natural and comfortable when playing.


Is it hard to record guitar?

Recording guitar requires a high level of practice which can be hard for professionals.

Can I play guitar with headphones?

You can play guitar with headphones by plugging them into an amplifier.

How many hours should I practice guitar?

The ideal amount of time to practice guitar is 30 minutes every day.

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