4 Best Office Chair for Guitar Playing(2023)

If you live in a small space and only have one area to have your home office and your guitar studio, buying an office chair that can also be used when playing guitar is the easiest way to save on space and have what you want.

Comfort for your back and feet is one thing you cannot afford to compromise when playing guitar or when working on the chair.

In this article, we do not underestimate how a good office chair with great back support, a well-designed seat, and adjustability can make your guitar sessions much more enjoyable and improved. We have the top options for the best office chair for guitar playing to give you an easy time.

In case you need your chair urgently, here are our top picks:

Home Office Chair Mid Back Mesh Desk Chairbest budget

LEAGOO Fabric Padded Armless Home Office Desk Chairbest value

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chairmost popular

Best Office Chair For Guitar Playing

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

If you have back problems and spend a few hours playing guitar, this office chair can be used for playing guitar. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair features a PostureFit SL backrest that gives amazing support for your back. This chair also prevents pelvic pain associated with sitting too long in an uncomfortable chair.

This seat is adjustable into three postures, giving you options for you to decide the best posture for you when playing guitar. It has dimensions of 41″ H x 27″ W x 16.75″ and a height of 16”-20.5”.

The chair has adjustable arms to keep you comfortable when playing guitar or when doing a guitar gig. The arm is adjustable in height, sliding backward or forward, and can also be adjusted inward or outward.

This chair has a perfect seat contour and is recommended by physiotherapists as an office chair if you work or play the guitar for long hours.


  • It has a great backrest
  • Helps eliminate pelvic pain
  • It features adjustable armrests
  • It is recommended by physiotherapists


  • The backrest feels uncomfortable at first

Home Office Chair Mid Back Mesh Desk Chair

If you are looking for a guitar chair on a budget, this is a great option for you. The home office chair’s mid-back mesh features an armless design, which makes it ideal for guitar playing. It features a stylish and modern black mesh design, that is perfect for your music room.

This chair offers you flexibility with its adjustable height. It is adjustable from 35.6″ – 40.4″. The chair features PU casters with amazing mobility on any floor; carpet, tile, or hard floor. The chair does not make a sound during movement. It also preserves your floors for office chair scratches.  

If you want a guitar chair with great back support, this chair features a great cushion, and the backrest fits in with your body seamlessly. The chair has a built-in lumbar back support to keep back pains away. The chair mesh is made of breathable material, and so is the seat. It keeps your body free of sweat even when seated for hours in guitar lessons on the chair.


  • The mesh and seat fabric are breathable
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is a budget chair
  • It is flexible and adjustable
  • Sensitive to the floors


  • The mesh could be stronger

LEAGOO Fabric Padded Armless Home Office Desk Chair

This chair has only the necessary features but has the features in the best version. It is the jack of all chairs. It can be used as an office chair, a guitar chair, a dining chair, or any other chair needs you might have. The chair has a lightweight design that enables it to be transferred from one environment to the other.

The chair has a unique imitation shell curved backrest and seat. This design distributes the back and hip pressure to the side, ensuring sufficient support for your back. The chair features a sturdy metal base that supports up to 300 lbs.

This chair is easy to install and comes with installation supplies and backup for your convenience. The chair is adjustable for added comfort. It provides up to 4.8’’ height adjustability.


  • It is well padded
  • It has a U-shell design
  • It is a multi-purpose chai
  • Comes with installation supplies and a backup


  • It is stationary

ALPHA HOME Office Chair

Alpha home chair is an office chair that can perfectly make a gig guitar chair. The design gives it a guitar stool vibe, but with all the office chair benefits for your back and comfort.

This chair features human-oriented ergonomic construction that can last you years of comfortable guitar playing. The chair has a well-cushioned seat and padded backrest.

One commendable feature of this chair is the adjustable footrest. The footrest is adjustable, not only to keep you feeling comfortable but to release joint tension and allow good circulation. The chair has a strong metal base with a 360-degree rotation and swiftness.


  • It has a human-oriented ergonomic design
  • It has an adjustable footrest
  • Features a strong metal base
  • It is well-cushioned and padded


  • The back supports need constant adjustments

Buyers Guide When Buying the Best Office Chair For Guitar Playing


When buying a guitar chair, it is important to get a chair you can adjust. Adjustability helps keep you comfortable when seated for long hours. Also, remember to check the height limits on the chair.


Office chairs have different designs. While some have an armrest, others feature an armless design. The armless design is better for guitar playing. However, if having the armrest feels more comfortable for you, go for it.


If you have back pain issues, you need to be specific in getting a well-designed office chair for playing guitar. There are office chairs well curved to sync with your back. Also, the chair should be well-padded to enhance support for your back and hips. Check the footrest too, to ensure that you can have your feet comfortable when playing guitar.


There are office chairs that can be converted into a chair for playing guitar. However, there are features that an office chair should have to keep you comfortable when playing guitar. One thing to note, you can have a chair with armrests but an armless office chair makes a better guitar chair than one with arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most suitable chair for a guitarist?

In my time as a musician, I’ve discovered one chair that really stands out in terms of comfort and functionality for guitarists – the Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-SEATDLX Deluxe. Whether I’m having a solo practice session, or performing in front of an audience, having a chair that offers adjustability and a range of features that caters to the specific needs of a guitarist is crucial. However, staying within your budget is equally important. For those who are looking for a more wallet-friendly option, I can’t recommend enough the Gator Frameworks GFW-GTRSTOOL Guitar Stool. I’ve personally used it during my early years of playing guitar and can vouch for its reliability.

What is the lifespan of an office chair?

In my years working in the office, I’ve learned that a good-quality office chair can last about 7-10 years. However, this longevity can be compromised by neglect or rough handling. I’ve seen chairs go kaput within a year due to improper use. So, keep in mind, irrespective of the quality, maintenance plays a big role in determining the lifespan of your office chair. If you skimp on looking after your chair, you’ll most likely end up shopping for a replacement sooner than expected.

What is the ideal height for a guitar stool?

Over my years of strumming the guitar and interacting with other musicians, I’ve noticed that performers of up to 70-inches in height often prefer stools with a 24-inch height. For taller guitarists, those above six feet, a 27 or 30-inch guitar stool may provide the most comfort during their performances. If you are not sure about the height or if you frequently change venues, choosing a guitar stool with adjustable height can be a gamechanger. I’ve used quite a few of such adjustable stools during my jamming sessions and found them to be very versatile.

How to determine the best office chair?

Choosing the best office chair can be quite tricky. In my experience, it’s important to consider factors such as comfort, adjustability, material quality, and your budget. Here’s a link to a helpful article that provides a thorough guide on picking the best office chair suited to your needs.BusinessToday.


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