Best Parlor Guitars Under 1000 (2021 Review)

Are you a seasoned or an upcoming fingerstyle guitarist in pursuit of soft mellower sound, relatively streamlined bouts, physical convenience, and affordability? Then, cheer up because the best parlor guitars under 1000 accord you this and more.

A parlor guitar would be an invaluable purchase for you to chart your music course with remarkable sonic traits.

Being small-bodied, less strenuous to play, Flatpicking prowess, and the ease of getting an optimal tone form part of peculiar qualities which have undoubtedly allured fingerstyle players to Parlor guitars, spanning their popularity over decades.

This post gives you a deep dive into the Best parlor guitars under 1000 to help you make an informed buy.

Yamaha CSF-TA Parlor Transacoustic Guitar with Chorus and Reverb

Yamaha CSF-TA Parlor

Would you like to be launched into new realms of creativity with deep reverb and lush chorus dynamics? Yamaha CSF-TA Parlor won’t disappoint. The guitar simulates a fantastic feeling of playing in a large, live room without external amplification or effects pedal.

The mid-priced parlor guitar has Mahogany sides and back, a nato neck, and a solid Sitka spruce top. It also has a rosewood fingerboard and a fixed bridge.

Furthermore, CSF-TA features three simple knobs. These are chorus control which regulates the blend of preset effects, a reverb control that toggles between room and hall reverbs at 12:00 position, and TA Switch/Line out Volume Control, which allows you to control its loudness.

The controls are mostly intuitive, and the effects blend in with the instrument’s inherent tone without overpowering it.

Also, the Yamaha CSF-TA is powered by a pair of AA batteries, and the effects are redirected through the quarter-inch output when connected to an amplifier.

Even though the instrument is a darling to blues, country, and jazz enthusiasts, it can sound boxy when played too hard.


  • Affordable
  • Good tonal balance
  • Plenty overtones
  • Includes a Gigbag


  • Not bass-heavy
  • Occasionally sounds too boxy

Cordoba C9 Parlor Small Body Classical acoustic nylon string guitar

Cordoba C9 Parlor Small Body

If you’re a guitarist craving the feel, comfort, and excellent playability that a smaller instrument provides, then the Cordoba C9 Parlor is specially designed for you. It is handcrafted with high-quality materials.

It’s a 7/8-sized conventional classical guitar with a solid Canadian cedar top, 50mm nut width, and Spanish-style fan bracing design. Beginners should consider a cedar top guitar because it can hide up incorrect notes.

The bracing pattern increases the soundboard’s center surface area, allowing it to respond and vibrate to string tension. On the other hand, the solid Mahogany back and sides of the Cordoba C9 provide a firm tonal foundation for the solid cedar top, rendering an ideal blend of brightness and warmth.

An Indian rosewood bridge and a rosewood fingerboard complete Cordoba C9’s aesthetic look.

Furthermore, the parlor guitar features Mother-of-Pearl “fret marker inlays, Cordoba Polyfoam case, a solid mahogany neck, easy-to-turn Cordoba Premium Gold Etched Tuning Machines, and a gloss polyurethane finish to crown it all.

Even though Cordoba C9 lacks an elevated fingerboard, it’s considered ideal for small intimate gatherings.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to play
  • Rich overtones
  • Ideal for newbies


  • Lacks an elevated fingerboard
  • Expensive for beginners

Dean AXS Parlor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany

Dean AXS Parlor

The Dean AXS Parlor is a budget-friendly steel-string guitar with a rich tone and beautiful woodwork. It has a conventional parlor guitar build, unique shape, and vintage-style appearance.

The guitar incorporates a 25.5-inch mahogany body and top, which help play warm-sounding tones. It also features a full-scale mahogany neck with a comfortable “C” shape and a Satin finish.

The guitar has a fingerboard made of rosewood and features pearl dot inlays and 22 total frets, Die-cast tuners that ease tuning. It’s easy to switch from electric guitars and other larger acoustics to Dean AXS thanks to its 25.5” full-scale configuration.

Besides that, it has a fixed bridge system made of rosewood, just like the fretboard, to aid in stability, dependability, and tone. The 2-Ply Black & White binding on the body completes the guitar’s exquisite aesthetic by showcasing the elegant grain of the tonewood.

One of the AXS Parlor’s main selling points is its meager price below 1000 bucks, making it a perfect parlor guitar to choose from if you want to enjoy serene music without ripping your wallet. Additionally, it can be replaced with ease should a problem arise.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful body


  • Subjective sound

Gretsch Guitars Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar 2-Color Sunburst

Gretsch Guitars Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar

If you are on the hunt for a quality guitar that evokes the sounds of vintage guitars at a reasonable price in the present day, then Gretsch G9500 would be a perfect buy.

It consists of several qualities that many claim were on their first guitar; no wonder it’s impossible to water down its decades-long value.

Gretsch G9500 is made from premium quality wood and has an easy playing 24-inch scale that promises comfort when playing desired warm and pleasing tones. In addition, it includes an X-bracing non-cutaway basswood body which produces a resonant sound.

The guitar also embodies a Parlor-size Agathis body, Nickel hardware, and other appealing features such as a comfortable C-shaped nato neck, a Walnut fingerboard with Pearloid dot inlays, and a rosewood bridge.

Its shallow and small body guarantees effortless and enjoyable playing with a crisp tone but may be problematic for bigger players.

Furthermore, Gretsch G9500 hosts a double-action truss rod, a single-ply white pickguard, and a classic Two-Tone Sunburst finish.


  • Easy to play
  • Nice boxy sound
  • Suitable for practice and travel
  • Perfect for picked and fingerstyle playing


  • No starter case
  • Limited to players with small stature

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1. What Should I Look For When Buying A Parlor Guitar Under 1000?

When shopping for a Parlor guitar, there are a few aspects to consider so that you select a model that suits your tone, playing style, and preference. These features include:

Body shape: Parlor guitars come in two shapes: the pear shape and a more balanced shape, with the bottom half slightly wider than the top. If you want more bass tone, then go for the former. In contrast, a balanced body design will produce a more robust mid-range sound.

Body size: Buy a parlor guitar with your stature in mind to ensure comfort when holding and playing it.

The number of clear frets affects playability and the tone you’ll get from the guitar.

Wood: The top, body, neck, and back are made from Spruce, Mahogany, Cedar, or Agathis. Rosewood or Walnut is used to craft the fingerboard. Each of the pieces of wood has a unique sound and quality.

2. Are Parlor Guitars Good For Newbies?

Newbies and those with small hands will benefit immensely from parlor guitars. They’re unquestionably easier to play than full-sized instruments like the acoustic guitar dreadnought.

Experienced players go for parlor guitars because of their emphasis on the midrange, but novices will appreciate their compact bodies and scale length.

3. Are Parlor Guitars Ideal for Finger-picking?

Parlor guitars are good for finger-picking, even though some sound better than others. They may fall short in openness and projection, but that’s not the only factor determining how strumming-friendly a guitar is. So go for that parlor guitar you wish to buy and enjoy the warm tones.


There are many parlor guitars to choose from in this price spectrum, but this article has highlighted the best parlor guitars under 1000. Based on the information provided, you should now comfortably pick out the right partner for your style and skill level.

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