Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitars Under 1000 (2023)!

Looking to add a touch of warmth and versatility to your sound?

Semi-hollow body guitars offer a unique blend of the warmth and resonance of a hollow-body guitar, with the sustain and playability of a solid-body guitar

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best semi-hollow body guitars under $1000 that deliver top-notch sound and style without putting a dent in your wallet.

If you are in a hurry, here are our top picks:

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Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitars Under 1000

1. D’Angelico Deluxe DC Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

The Deluxe DC semi-hollow guitar is a unique double-cutaway that has been meticulously crafted. It not only looks stunning, but it also sounds and plays great.

The DC Deluxe is loaded with upgrades, including all-new DA-59 pickups designed in collaboration with Seymour Duncan that boost your mid-range to be crystalline and rich for a clearer tone with a more visual punch.

A six-way toggle switch offers maximum choices for tone by letting you share your humbuckers, separate either, convert either into a single-coil pickup or share the two single-coils.

Furthermore, the guitar features a body made of laminated wood, a maple neck, and a flawless ovangkol fretboard, giving it a classic body style. Single-cut versions are also available for those who don’t fancy traditional styles. Its 16-inch width incorporates a full center block to reduce feedback and increase brightness.

In addition to that, DC Deluxe’s tone is extremely clear and rich, and it has perfect tuning thanks to its graphite nut, stop-bar tailpiece, and locking tuners. It also employs a Jescar fretwire which offers a better tone and resonance.

Its slender C-shaped neck guarantees excellent playability without wrist pains. In addition, Deluxe DC has a bluesy sound and sounds great through a clean amp.

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  • Comfortable playability
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Clear tones


  • It could be expensive for beginners

2. G2622GretschT Streamliner Center Block Gunmetal w/Bigsby & Broad’Tron Pickups

Are you a guitarist in pursuit of more remarkable performance and more flair?

The elegant G2622T is designed for you, and indeed it won’t disappoint. It is arguably unbeatable when it comes to sound and aesthetics.

The Gretsch G2622T features a spruce center block and laminated maple top, which boosts the guitar’s overall volume while mitigating the chance of feedback.  It has a thin “U” nato wood neck with a laurel fingerboard that hosts 22 medium jumbo frets. The neck profile makes the guitar ideal for fiery riffing.

In addition, the guitar incorporates Gretsch’s Broad’Tron BT-2S humbuckers, exclusively designed for this model. The pickups provide a lot of output accompanied by a decent low, mid, and high-end response and tons of clarity in the highs.

After you’ve dialed in the pickups, the master tone control allows you to fine-tune your sound, while the master volume control allows you to change the balance between your pickups without changing the volume of your tube amp.

Besides that, it also features enlarged F-holes, a three-ply black pickguard, and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. However, as much as the guitar offers you comfort, it is blemished by tuning issues.


  • Affordable
  • Vintage vibe
  • Solid electronics
  • Good tone


  • Fret buzz
  • Plastic knobs

3. Ibanez Artcore Series AS73G Semi-Hollow body Electric Guitar

For more than three decades, Ibanez Artcore AS73G has been a perpetual trailblazer in hollow-body guitar building, as attested by its long-lived association with legends of jazz guitar such as Pat Metheny, John Scofield, and George Benson.

Part of that legacy can be attributed to this electric guitar which has shattered prejudices about what a great hollow or semi-hollow should be, making it nothing short of a masterpiece.

The body, back, and sides of this guitar are all crafted of linden wood. Its warm-sounding characteristics are aided by its select-grade maple semi-hollow body, set-in mahogany neck, and laurel fretboard wrapped in walnut.

Thanks to its slim profile, the guitar neck is easy to play with and offers easy access to the upper frets.

The Ibanez Artcore AS73G has two Classic Elite humbucker pickups which eliminate 60Hz hum and other noises which plague other standard pickups. Therefore, you will be sure to enjoy distinct mellow sounds.

Moreover, the guitar features two-tone controls, two volume controls, and a three-way pickup selector in terms of electronics. You’ll adore the uniqueness this instrument lends to your music, whether you’re performing blues, rock, or any other modern version. However, the guitar is limited in versatility.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to play
  • Warm tone
  • Easy to play


  • Limited in sound versatility

4. Guild Guitars Starfire I DC Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

To create the Starfire I DC double-cut, Guild took inspiration from an iconic design from the 1970s. Modern musicians looking for cheap refinement will appreciate its vintage charm, as well as its ability to traverse jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll genres with ease and versatility.

The Starfire I DC boasts semi-hollow body construction with a mahogany center block for minimal feedback and crisp sustain. Its arched center-block structure is invaluable onstage, particularly in rock music since it provides an airy, resonant tone alongside reducing squelching.

The guitar features mahogany sides, top, and back. Additionally, it includes a 24 3/4” scale guitar length, 18th fret neck-to-body joint, and a thin “U” neck profile for fast playing.

Furthermore, Starfire I DC hosts a Tune-o-Matic bridge, a matching bridge, and Premium Guild Vintage 18 tuners, making it easy to tune and sustain the tone. If you connect it to a mid-gain amp, you’ll get a dynamically rich rhythmic breakup.

The guitar is a go-to choice for jazz and blues players, even though it could need a TLC as part of the setup. You will also need to get a case separately.


  • Good weight
  • Good pickup
  • Solid electronics
  • Good tone


  • It comes without a case
  • Could need TLC in the setup

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1. What Does A Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Sound Like?

Warm dynamics, exquisite sustains, thrilling overtones, and sculpted mid-tones are all hallmarks of semi-hollow body guitars. This guitar reduces feedback and provides a wide range of tone options.

2. Should I Buy A Semi-hollow Body Guitar?

Guitars with big cavities are susceptible to feedback. However, the middle block of semi-hollow guitars performs a decent job of reducing feedback.

When you pluck a semi-hollow-body electric guitar acoustically, you’ll notice that it has a louder tone than a solid body.

3. What Are The Advantages Of Semi-Hollow Body Guitars?

One of the main reasons for a semi-hollow guitar’s popularity is its sonic quality. It has a warm, rich tone with a vast range of overtones, making it suitable for old-school country, jazz, blues, and pop.

Apart from that, semi-hollow body guitars deliver more sustain without relying entirely on the quality of the wood.

Final Thoughts

The best semi-hollow body guitars under 1000 discussed in the article are ideal for a variety of genres, such as blues, rock, rockabilly, outlaw country, and so on.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, it is imperative to make informed semi-hollow body purchases to keep your music dreams afloat and achieve your goals in this arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are semi hollow guitars worth the investment?

From my personal experience as a musician, I can affirmatively say that semi-hollow guitars are indeed a worthy investment due to the multifaceted tonal capabilities they offer. The unique balance of characteristics that these guitars offer is derived from their design, featuring hollow sections and a center block. This blend allows for a lush resonance and warmth synonymous with hollow bodies, without sacrificing the longer sustain and resistance to feedback you’d associate with a solid body guitar. If tonal versatility is your quest, a semi-hollow guitar could certainly exceed your expectations.

What is the optimal music style to play on semi hollow guitars?

As both a teacher and performer who has spent significant time experimenting with a range of gear, I’ve found that semi-hollow guitars particularly shine when employed in softer and nuanced genres. Styles such as Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop, and Soft Rock can exploit the warm, well-rounded sound that a semi-hollow body guitar naturally produces to add an extra dimension. However, remember, this isn’t a rule, but rather a suggestion based on common use; some guitarists leverage the unique capabilities of these guitars in heavier genres to bring about a distinctive sonic signature. The beauty of semi-hollow guitars lies within its ability to cater to a diverse range of music styles.

Are there downsides to semi hollow electric guitars?

As a gigging musician who frequently switches between a semi-hollow and a solid body electric, I can attest to the fact that semi-hollow guitars can pose challenges when not tamed properly. The most prominent issue with semi-hollow electric guitars is their higher inherent susceptibility to feedback. This is caused by sound waves reverberating within the guitar’s body, which can lead to uncontrolled resonance if you’re not careful. However, feedback isn’t always negative – some musicians might use it creatively. But generally, this caveat means that you might need to be a bit more aware of how you handle the guitar and your amp settings, especially in high volume or high gain situations. To sum it up, a semi-hollow guitar demands a bit more attention than a solid body, but its unique strengths certainly make it worth the endeavor.


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