Best Small Guitars

The best small-sized, or 3/4 size, acoustic guitars include popular models such as the Baby Taylor due to its solid construction and full sound, the Martin LX1E ‘Little Martin’, Yamaha JR1 FG, Cort Earth Mini OP, Yamaha APXT2, Taylor GS Mini Rosewood, Fender Sonoran Mini, Cordoba Cadete, Luna Aurora Borealis, and Yamaha CS40 II, all recognized for their unique features and superior performance.

1Taylor GS MiniPower-packed with vibrant tone. Perfect for both practicing and live performances.Compact, powerful, rich sound, high-quality build and materials, loud volume.Pricy for beginners, no built-in electronics unless you opt for ‘e’ version.
2Martin LX1 Little MartinIconic Martin quality build. Size doesn’t compromise the robust sound.Martin’s iconic tone in a smaller package, solid construction.Lack of some bass tones due to small size, not the cheapest option.
3Yamaha JR1 FG JuniorAffordable and respectable choice for beginners. Balanced tone and comfortability.Affordable, good build quality, balanced tones.Sound lacks depth compared to higher priced models, build quality not as robust as higher-end options.
4Baby Taylor BT2Full-bodied sound in a small package thanks to its mahogany top.Exceptional tone, sturdy construction, great value for money.Might need a setup out-of-the-box, no gig bag included.
5Fender MA-1 3/4 Size Steel String GuitarAmazing playability making it a great pick for steel-string acoustic lovers.Comfortable neck, great for travel.Sound could be a bit thin, not the loudest volume.

5 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars for Beginners (High Quality Acoustics)

The Importance of Choosing the Right Small Guitar

Let me tell you this, folks: Choosing the right small guitar is not as simple as picking the one with the most attractive finish (though a nice look doesn’t hurt!). Sound quality, playability, material, build quality, aesthetics, and price all play key roles. Think of it like finding a partner: You might be initially attracted by someone’s physical appearance, however, the things that really make a relationship last – compatibility, shared values, common interests – aren’t always visible at first glance.

Bear in mind that each manufacturer has its unique sound, build methods, and aesthetic approach. For instance, Taylor Guitars[^1^] are known for their rich tones and smooth, playable necks, while Martin Guitars[^2^] have a reputation for their robust construction and full-bodied sound.

Top 5 Best Small Guitars

Alright, now let’s dive into my top picks for the best small guitars. Any of these would make a splendid choice!

1. Taylor GS Mini


The Taylor GS Mini is a power-packed small guitar with a vibrant tone that’s perfect for both practicing sessions and live performances. It has a solid Sitka spruce top, layered sapele back and sides, and an ebony fretboard, which collectively lend to its exceptional sound quality.


– Compact yet powerful
– Rich, bright sound
– High-quality build & materials
– Surprisingly loud volume for a small guitar


– Might be a bit pricey for beginners
– No built-in electronics (unless you opt for the ‘e’ version)

2. Martin LX1 Little Martin


The Martin LX1 ‘Little Martin’ is an testament to Martin’s legendary build quality, all packed into this mini guitar. Proving that size doesn’t define sound, this guitar delivers a rich tone that Martine guitars are known for.


– Martin’s iconic tone in a smaller package
– Solid top
– Sturdy build even though it’s small


– May lack some bass tones due to size
– Not the cheapest miniature guitar

3. Yamaha JR1 FG Junior


Consider the Yamaha JR1 FG Junior as the affordable yet respectable choice for beginners. This small guitar carries a charming, balanced tone and feels comfortable in the hands, making it a great starting point for young learners.


– Affordable price
– Good build quality for the price
– Balanced tones


– Sound lacks some depth compared to higher priced models
– Build quality not as robust as higher-end options

4. Baby Taylor BT2


The Baby Taylor BT2 crafts a warm, vibrant, rich tone owing to its mahogany top. It’s perfect for those looking for a full-bodied sound in a small package.


– Exceptional tone thanks to mahogany top
– Sturdy construction
– Great value for money


– Might need a setup out-of-the-box
– No gig bag included

5. Fender MA-1 3/4 Size Steel String Guitar


The Fender MA-1 3/4 Size Steel String Guitar is a compelling pick for those who favor steel-string acoustics. Known for its amazing playability, it’s a real joy to play for both beginners and pros.


– 3/4 size steel string guitar
– Comfortable neck
– Great for travel


– Sound could be a bit thin
– Not the loudest volume

How to Maintain Your Small Guitar

Taking good care of your small guitar is vital to ensure it continues to provide the wonderful tones you fell in love with. Here are some quick tips:
1. **Regularly clean your guitar** – Use a dry, clean cloth to remove dust and sweat from the surface including the strings.
2. **Store your guitar properly** – Keep it in a guitar case or bag when not using to protect it from dust and accidental knocks.
3. **Humidity** – Guitars are sensitive to humidity. Too dry, and the wood might crack; too humid, and it might swell. Consider using guitar humidifiers if needed.
4. **Change strings regularly** – Depending on how often you play, you should change your strings every 3 to 6 months or sooner if a string breaks.


Small guitars are invaluable companions for the traveling musician or a wonderful starting point for beginners, their compact nature and affordable price are just the icing on the cake. My top five picks vary in tones and prices, but all worthy candidates in their own right. Do your research, try them out at your local store if possible, and listen to your gut (and your ears!). Remember, the best guitar is the one that inspires you to pick it up and play.

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I’m a lifelong guitar enthusiast and professional musician with over 20 years of experience playing, teaching, and performing. From campfire strummings to live concerts, I’ve had my trusty six-string by my side. I love sharing my experience and passion for music with others. Through trial, error, and many late-night jam sessions, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about guitars and am always eager to share it. So, whether you’re just strumming your first chord or are an experienced fingerpicker, I hope my insights help you on your musical journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3/4 size acoustic guitars are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenient size and rich sound.
  • These guitars are excellent for traveling and prove to be more accessible for younger or beginner players.
  • Some of the best 3/4 size acoustic guitars according to the article are Baby Taylor, Martin LX1E ‘Little Martin’, Yamaha JR1 FG, Cort Earth Mini OP, Yamaha APXT2, Taylor GS Mini Rosewood, Fender Sonoran Mini, Cordoba Cadete, Luna Aurora Borealis and Yamaha CS40 II.
  • The Baby Taylor from Taylor guitars is the top pick owing to its solid construction, smooth playing neck, and a full sound.
  • The Yamaha JR1 FG, an excellent choice, is lauded for its lightweight feel and easy playability.
  • Similarly, the Martin LX1E ‘Little Martin’ is highly recommended for its great tone and slim neck profile.
  • The Cordoba Cadete is noted for its comfortable playability and beginner-friendly features.
  • If you’re looking for something unique, Luna Aurora Borealis offers stunning design and an impressive sound.
  • Each guitar model comes with its own features and performance characteristics that cater to different types of guitarists.

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Additional Questions

What are mini guitars good for?

Mini guitars are excellent for beginners because of their reduced size and ease to play. As an experienced guitarist, I can vouch for guitars like the Baby Taylor, which are ¾ the size of regular acoustic guitars, making them highly comfortable for people who are not accustomed to standard guitar sizes.

Which guitar is better for smaller hands?

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa can be considered one of the best acoustic guitars for people with small hands. Its grand symphony body style provides a more ergonomic solution compared to full-sized guitars, reflecting my personal preference for comfortable playability.

Are mini guitars worth it?

Yes, mini guitars are definitely worth the investment, especially as a handy second instrument. Having owned a mini guitar myself, I can attest to the huge advantage of having such a portable tool at your fingertips when you're on-the-go, without compromising your main instrument.

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