Better Guitar Or Better Amp: Which is Better? [Pros & Cons)

Are you struggling to decide where to invest your money- in a better guitar or better amp? This is a common dilemma for musicians who want to improve their sound but have a limited budget.

While a high-quality guitar can make a huge difference in your playing, a top-rated amp can also enhance your sound in ways you never thought possible. So which should you go for: a better guitar or better amp?

In this guide, we explore the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision based on your musical goals and budget.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Guitar Or Amp

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to upgrade to a better guitar or Amp:

1. Sound

If you prioritize sound over all else, it doesn’t imply you should buy a new guitar instead of a new amp, or vice versa. It is more dependent on the type of sound you want to play. Generally, an amp can boost the sound quality, and so does a new more-advanced guitar.

2. The Feel

When buying your maiden guitar, you’ll probably check out several different models at a store. It will assist you in determining which type of music you want and which feeling is ideal for you.

The final feel from different manufacturers differs and determines how easy it is to play and how well they sound.

If you value the feel of your instrument above all else, you should put it first. A working amp will make your guitar feel exciting to play and ultimately make you play better.

3. The Appearance

The guitar looks may appear trivial to some guitarists. However, some consider the appearance of their instrument essential in their guitar selection.

Since there are many different colors, models, and brands, buying a guitar may be as much about aesthetics as it is about sound.

Better Guitar Or Better Amp

When it comes to the appearance of your setup, the amp is also a factor to consider. Some amplifiers have remarkable aesthetics.

If you want a distinct look, it’s advisable to modify your guitar instead of your amp because guitars have a far broader range of designs than amplifiers.

Why Go For A Better Amp?

A good amplifier will make practically any guitar sound fantastic. A better guitar will also produce a better sound, but still, the results will astound you.

A Fender Twin Reverb amp makes a guitar like the Squier Strat sound incredible, especially when combined with guitar pedals. Therefore, if you can buy a better amplifier, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to, you may eventually improve your guitar as well.

Benefits Of A Better Amp

a) Improved Response

Your practice amp failing to respond well to your playing indicates that you are most likely not performing to your full potential.

A premium solid valve or solid-state amplifier will respond accurately to your playing, resulting in a significantly more enjoyable playing experience.

b) Tonal Versatility

A good amp features a drive channel, distortion, and other built-in effects that combine to generate loud sound. It gives you the freedom to experiment with tones on a larger scale.

Why Go For A Better Guitar?

You can decide to upgrade to a high-end guitar and play through an amp you already have. The guitar could be Fender Guitar, Music Man, or any model that’s an upgrade to what you had.

You should choose a guitar that appeals to and complements your musical tastes.

The new guitar should have a better sound than your previous one, and the explanation for this is self-evident. The new guitar pickups will be outstanding.

However, the biggest issue is that the sound would be subpar. The new guitar would have a better sound but won’t be spectacular due to the old amp.

Benefits Of Getting A Better Guitar

a) Better Tonewoods

Tonewoods give your guitar a sonic tone and resonance. High-end guitars incorporate premium tonewoods which offer a balanced sound, while budget guitars employ tonewoods with a lower sonic quality.

Replacing the tonewood of a guitar’s body or neck is often strenuous and costly, so buying another guitar could be a better alternative.

b) Comes With Everything Installed

Some guitarists feel buying a better guitar is better than replacing old hardware and electronics. A new guitar comes with everything you need pre-installed.

There’s no faffing around with setup, and you receive a better gleaming guitar that’s ready to give a plethora of tonal possibilities.

FAQs about Better Guitar Or Better Amp

Should The Amp Be More Expensive Than The Guitar?

If you have to pick between an expensive amp and an expensive guitar, always go with the former. A budget guitar with a premium amplifier sounds far superior to the other combo.

Why Do I Need An Amp For The Guitar?

Amplifiers not only increase your volume, but they also regulate your tone, smoothing out your guitar’s natural sound in a clean setting. They add overdrive and distortion effects on a crisp setup, thus explaining why electric guitarists find them useful.

How Much Does A Decent Guitar Amp Cost?

A decent modeling amplifier costs under $200. High-end modeling amps would cost at least $500 depending on the number of watts they use to operate.

What Makes A Good Amp?

A good amp has a lively sound with a crisp punch that jiggles your pants. The preamp or gain controls make you dial striking distortions at low volumes easily.

On the other hand, severe preamp distortions might sound sizzling and overly compressed at high volumes.

Why Are Guitar Amps So Big?

Guitar amplifiers are heavy because they house wooden cabinets, speaker magnets, metal chassis, as well as power and output transformers.


If you must choose between a better amp and a better guitar, pick the amp. You’re probably used to the neck and the sensation from the guitar you already have.

The guitar will sound fantastic when paired with a better amplifier. It won’t be as good as a more costly guitar, but the tone will be noticeably better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I purchase a superior guitar or a superior amplifier?

When considering an equipment upgrade, the decision can often seem overwhelming. Are you itching to improve your music playing experience, or seeking to enhance your sound quality? The amplifier, in this case, wins the priority. Understanding the power of an excellent amplifier can transform the way you approach your music. No matter the guitar you’re currently using, a high-grade amplifier has the capability to elevate its sound. Now imagine this scenario: you’re at a musical show and you notice an unbeatable sound quality from the musicians on stage. You would logically assume it’s being delivered by some first-class guitars, right? The secret usually lies in the amplifier. So, before you give your beloved guitar a judging look, you might want to consider audibly boosting its charm with a new amplifier. This will give you a clearer picture if your guitar sounds aren’t as crisp or delightful as they should be. Once you pair it with a new amplifier, you can then identify any potential deficiencies in your guitar.

Which holds more significance – a commendable guitar or a commendable amplifier?

The quest to identify whether a guitar or an amplifier holds more significance is always a challenging one. It’s like asking someone to pick between their right and left hand! Truly, each plays a distinctive role in your musical journey. While the amplifier lays the foundation for your musical style and manages the volume of your play, the guitar directly influences your tone and overall playing experience. So, does one outweigh the other? It’s not as black and white as it may seem. They operate hand in hand, dependent on each other to improve your sound. It’s essential to find the perfect balance between both for optimal sound quality and playing experience.

Which influences sound more – an amplifier or a guitar?

In the wide universe of music, sound or tone quality holds immense importance. As musicians, our unique tone sets us apart. While both a guitar and an amplifier contribute to shaping this tone, the amplifier plays a larger role. It’s fascinating how much an amplifier can impact the sound. Think of a time when you were mesmerized by the depth and richness of a guitar sound at a live performance. The majority of that distinctive tone is a result of a high-quality amplifier. Based on personal experiences and conversations with other musicians, we’ve discovered that the ratio could be as high as 80/20 in favor of the amplifier for shaping the tone. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Does an amplifier hold more importance than an electric guitar?

Your playing aspirations greatly influence this decision. Are you keen on masterfully strumming songs in the comfort of your home? The built-in amplifier in your electric guitar may suffice to satisfy your musical cravings. But if you dream of matching the reverberating sounds in a band setting or live performances, an exterior amplifier becomes a non-negotiable. Why, you ask? Amplifiers work hand-in-hand with electric guitars to augment their sound and provide a greater range of sound control. This is particularly crucial in a live setting to ensure your guitar sound doesn’t drown in the sea of other instruments. So, while a high-grade electric guitar can indeed deliver some punchy sounds, a quality amplifier gives it the optimal boost for an enhanced musical experience.


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