How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar?

When you are interested in learning a musical instrument, it is only instinctual to think about how long it will take to be good at it. It takes years of practice to master any skill. 

If you want to learn how to play a bass guitar, you might be curious to know how long it will take to master the skill. A bass guitar is easier to master, but you need to put in consistent practice to become a pros. 

Keep ready to find how long it can take to become a pro bass guitar pro, and what to do to master the skill quickly. 

Exactly How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar?

While perfecting bass guitar might take forever, learning to play takes about 6-12 months of consistent learning and practice. Within this period, you become a beginner bass guitar player. Playing guitar at an intermediate level takes about 2 years and becoming a professional bass guitarist takes 3-4 years of continuous practice.

The length period one might take to learn guitar could be shorter or longer, depending on how often one practices.  

Factors That Determine How Long It Takes To Learn Bass Guitar

Prior Experience

If you have experience in playing another type of guitar like acoustic guitar, it could speed up the amount of time you take to learn bass guitar. Even knowledge and experience in playing other instruments can make learning bass guitar far easier than when you are completely green to any instrument.

Commitment and Consistency

Whether you decide to take online bass guitar classes or have a coach in person, your commitment to learning bass guitar should be high. Consistency is also a key determinant of how long it will take you to learn bass guitar.

Long practice sessions may be desirable, but sometimes, they only end up making you feel exhausted and hurting your arms. In addition, long guitar practice that is done infrequently might not help.

It is better to have daily shorter bass guitar practice sessions as they keep you motivated to learn guitar. For instance, if you practice two hours a day, it speeds up the learning rather than having 4-hour sessions twice a week. Schedule daily bass guitar practices and ensure you follow through.


Apart from the basic bass guitar skills, the genre you choose to major in determines how long it takes to learn. For instance, learning jazz and classical takes longer than learning rock or punk.


Your age should not discourage you from the desire to learn bass guitar. However, the younger you start learning, the shorter it takes to learn the skill. Kids learn new skills faster than adults because their brain is more receptive to new ideas.

Methods To Learn Bass Guitar

If you want to begin learning bass guitar, you need to pick a method to achieve your goal. The method you choose to follow to learn guitar is your personal choice. If you have no idea which method to choose, these are the different methods to learn bass guitar:

Online Lessons

Currently, learning skills online is effective even when instruments are involved. Online lessons today have been packaged well and contain lots of details regarding the skill.

You can choose to follow an expert bass guitar youtuber and learn from them. Following youtube videos has been known to help people acquire new skills and become experts.

Another method to learn bass guitar online is signing up for an online guitar class. For instance, study bass is a good online platform to sign up for bass guitar lessons. 

The best thing about the online method of learning bass guitar is how affordable it is. You can learn bass guitar without spending a single dollar.

Personal Coaching

Getting a personal coach is an amazing way to learn bass guitar. This involves being under a professional bass guitar teacher.

Your coach should cover both theory and practical lessons for bass guitar. They also teach you personal tricks and tips that worked for them in their journey to learning bass guitar.

The period to learn bass guitar with a personal coach depends on the frequency of learning sessions and the length of each session.

This learning method is great because you get professional feedback on your progress. Learning with a bass guitar teacher might be more expensive than learning online because you have to pay for the coach.


Is Bass Guitar Hard To Learn?

Bass guitar is easier to learn because you only need to master 4 strings instead of 6. Compared to other guitars, it is easier.

Does It Hurt To Play Bass Guitar?

You need some more muscle to play bass guitar. It has thicker frets and strings. This needs more pressure and physical energy to play. For beginners, the wrists and arms can hurt before you get used to the bass guitar.

Can You Self-teach Bass Guitar?

It is possible to self-learn bass guitar. However, this might take longer than being coached by a bass guitar professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bass Guitar Easy to Learn?

Learning the basics of the bass guitar might seem straightforward at the onset, particularly if you’re approaching it with an open mind and a genuine love for music. Similar to many things in life though, the devil is often in the details. Once you begin to dig deeper into the specifics of the instrument, you’ll find that the potential for sophistication in playing the bass guitar is as complex as you decide to let it be.

Take for example, a rock song – a seemingly straightforward genre where the bass guitar is often found following the rhythm guitar. Although the bass line might sound simple, it's also helping create the overall tone and feel of the song. Now, applying this knowledge you can then start to branch out into more complex bass lines which could involve techniques such as slapping or popping strings, or a combination of both. While the bass guitar has the potential to be easy, the complexity can also be layered, making it an interesting and rewarding instrument to learn.

How fast can I learn the bass?

The timeline of learning the bass is as varied as the people who play it. It’s a journey that’s largely self-paced based on your consistency and dedication practicing. If you’re willing to put in the time and work, you could have a solid grasp of the basics within a 6 to 12 months span.

Remember, learning anything new, especially an instrument, is not about how quickly you can get from novice to expert. It's about enjoying the process, finding your unique sound, and expressing yourself through your instrument. It's worthwhile to note that even professional bass players don't stop learning. They constantly push their creativity, technical skill, and musical knowledge to the next level. So while you might learn the basics reasonably fast, remember that your bass learning journey can be as rich and lengthy as you want it to be.

Is it hard to learn bass by yourself?

Without question, having an experienced mentor is a valuable asset when learning any instrument including the bass guitar. That isn’t to say, however, that you can’t learn the bass on your own. With patience, self-dedication, and the plethora of resources available both online and in music stores, self-learning is indeed possible.

As a piece of advice, if you're also a guitar player transitioning to bass, try to approach it as a completely distinct instrument. Even though they share some commonalities, the bass has unique roles and responsibilities within the rhythm section. Embrace the journey, remain patient solidifying the fundamentals and you'll eventually find your groove solo learning the bass.

Is bass hard to learn for a guitar player?

For guitar players transitioning to bass, the path might initially seem less rocky due to the familiar territory. Depending on the genre of music you embark on, the bass can either be a rhythmic backbone playing steady, low-end notes perfectly partnering with the drummer or a robust, melody-producing beast full of technicality and impressiveness.

This dichotomy alone showcases why transitioning from guitar to bass isn't categorically described as 'easy' or 'hard'. It's quite genre-dependent, and each offers its own distinct challenges and rewards. So, whether you’re crossing over from guitar or starting fresh, the learning process of bass can be a remarkably fulfilling musical journey.


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