How Long Does It Take To Learn the Ukulele?

Whether you want to play ukulele for fun or professionally, you need to learn how to play the instrument well.

Learning to play ukulele is a unique experience for everyone and it takes a unique length of time for different people. For instance, if you play the guitar, it could be easier for you to learn how to play the ukulele than someone who does not have experience playing the guitar or any other instrument.

Like other instruments such as the guitar or piano, there are different levels of skill in playing the ukulele. The basic skill takes a shorter time to acquire because you only need to know a few basics about the ukulele. Playing ukulele professionally requires more time.

How Long Does It Take To Learn the Ukulele (Shortest Time Possible)

You can learn to play ukulele as a hobby within a few days or 3-4 weeks, depending on how dedicated you are to practice. If you want to play the ukulele professionally, it can take 3 to 6 months at most to become effective at it. You need to understand the basics first, including strumming and the formation of chords.

The Basics Of Playing Ukulele (Learn This First)

If you intend to self-teach yourself to play ukulele, there are basics that you cannot skip. Here’s what you need to learn first:

Chord Formation

If you are new to playing instruments, the major chords are: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Most songs, even the ones you will practice to play ukulele are created with the chords; A, C, and D, G, and F. Fortunately, this makes things easier because you do not have to focus so much on the other chords such as B.

One of the tools that make it easier for beginners to form chords is having a chord chart for guidance. The other way to learn chord formation fast is by learning two chords at a time.

Tip: when practicing chord formation with the ukulele, ensure that your hand is on the fretboard for easier movements back and forth.


After chord formation, the next basic thing you need to learn on how to play the ukulele is strumming. If you are a guitar player, this should be easier to learn. Here are a few tips that can help you learn to strum the ukulele:

  • Loosen your fist
  • Use your right-hand index finger and have the fingernail side down for strumming downwards
  • Allow your wrist to do the up and down movements
  • Try not to use your whole hand during the strumming movements
  • Practice with the basic strumming techniques. These are the up-and-down, or the down, down techniques
  • Master the two basic strumming techniques before you move on to others.

Tips To Speed Up Learning Ukulele

Apart from learning the ukulele basics, here are a few tips you can use to learn the ukulele faster.

Change the Ukulele Strings

The strings might make your learning process easier or more difficult. You need high-quality ukulele strings that produce a clean sound. Unfortunately, not all new ukuleles have the best strings. If you notice that your ukulele has wanting strings, you should replace them.

Choose Your Song

Have a favorite song in mind to keep you motivated during your learning process. Choosing a song you love makes it more fun to learn than choosing an unfamiliar song.

Have a Practice Schedule

One of the key things that make learning any instrument easier is having a consistent practice schedule. Organize daily practice sessions to keep what you learned before fresh in mind. It is better to have one-hour daily practice sessions than a weekly 5-hour practice session.

Monitor Your Progress

If you are learning to play the ukulele by yourself, you need to keep track of the progress you make in each practice session. You can record yourself during practice with a phone or camera. Listen to the recordings later to help your identify your weak areas and which part you should practice more.

Practice Good Posture

Playing the ukulele requires you to have good posture. Practice sessions might be long and having a bad posture makes it hurt to play. Ensure your back is straight while playing and have the ukulele under your chest for support.


The more time you spend practicing the ukulele, the faster you learn. Having basics in playing instruments and being musically gifted is a plus when it comes to learning the ukulele. The bottom line starts with the basics, keep your practices consistent then move up to more complex ukulele techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is it expected for a beginner to learn the ukulele?

By and large, the period it takes for a beginner to learn to play the ukulele comfortably varies widely based on the individual’s dedication, practice routine, and prior musical experience. For some, it may be a few weeks or months, while for others, it may be a few years. As a beginner, you will need to get a grip on the basics—knowing how to hold the ukulele correctly, mastering the strumming technique, and understanding how to play chords. Through consistent practice and probably some lessons, after a few months, you should start to see a real progression in your playing. Once I had a student who’d never picked a stringed instrument before but set a goal to learn ukulele. She practiced religiously for an hour each day, and it was rewarding to watch her go from fumbling novice to playing full songs with confidence after just a few months.

Is it challenging to learn the ukulele?

The beauty of the ukulele lies in its simplicity and friendliness to beginners. Compared to other string instruments like the guitar or mandolin, the ukulele is straightforward to learn. Its soft nylon strings are easier on your fingers, which means you won’t experience the same level of fingertip discomfort that new guitar learners usually do. Furthermore, the small size of a ukulele also aids in reducing wrist tension as the notes are within easy reach, eliminating the need for any strenuous stretching. I have found through my experience of teaching this delightful instrument that those who express a genuine interest in learning the ukulele typically find their journey less taxing and more enjoyable than they anticipated.

What is the timeframe to become proficient in playing the ukulele?

Becoming proficient in any instrument, including the ukulele, is more like crafting a piece of art or writing a novel. It’s a process that requires time, patience, and practice. Mastery is not marked by graduation, but rather it’s a continuous journey of improvement. With that being said, it is generally agreed that after 3 to 6 months of regular practice, most people can start to play the ukulele with comfort and fluidity. I recall when I first started learning the ukulele, after about six months of diligent daily practice, I found myself no longer struggling with chords and, instead, was able to play complete songs seamlessly. It was indeed a rewarding experience!

Is it possible to learn the ukulele in just 2 months?

Learning the ukulele is not necessarily a race against the clock, but indeed, it is possible to get a good hang of this instrument in just 2 months. Typically, becoming proficient in the ukulele might take several months of dedication and regular practice. However, if your goal is to strum a few chords and sing along with some of your favorite songs, you can achieve this in a few weeks. I’ve had students who just wanted to play a simple song to surprise a loved one. With a bit of practice every day, they were able to achieve this in under a month. Therefore, you can learn the ukulele in 2 months or even in a shorter period depending on your objectives and commitment.


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