How Much Are Guitar Lessons at Guitar Center?

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, you may be considering enrolling for guitar lessons at Guitar Center. 

Guitar Center is known for guitar setups and servicing, but they also offer lessons for guitars and other musical instruments. You can take structure guitar lessons in-person or online, depending on which learning mode you prefer. 

In this article, we break down how much guitar lessons cost at Guitar Center, and the various factors that determine how much you pay. 

How Much Are Guitar Lessons at Guitar Center (Quick Answer)

Guitar center offer guitar lessons in two packages, which prices ranging anywhere from $109 to $219 depending on the package you choose. Here is a breakdown of the lesson packages at the guitar center:

  • Four guitar lessons, each 30 minutes- $109
  • Four guitar lessons, each one hour- $219

In addition, Guitar Center also charges a registration fee of $30 which is paid one time regardless of the lesson package one chooses. This means that if you choose the 30-minute express lessons, you need a budget of $139. If you want the one-hour standard lessons you will pay $249.

Note that these are the standard prices at Guitar Center, and some stores charge slightly higher than others depending on location. Also, remember that each Guitar Center has different guitar instructors. This might contribute to the slight variations in prices between different stores.

What Determines Guitar Lessons Price at Guitar Center

We have determined that guitar lessons at the various Guitar Center may vary due to various factors. Here are the key factors that affect guitar lesson prices: 

The Neighborhood

Guitar Center is a retailer chain with a presence in 294 locations. While there are certain standard costs across these locations, guitar lessons may vary. Retail stores located in more affluent neighborhoods or in states with higher taxes may charge higher fees for guitar lessons and other services. 


There are two packages offered at the guitar center if you want to learn guitar. The one-hour sessions package is more expensive than the 30-minute package.

Online Lessons at Guitar Center

Guitar Center offers a choice between in-person and online lessons. Depending on the learning mode you choose, you could pay different rates per lesson. The instructors are competent, you will be matched with the best instructors regardless of the mode of learning you choose. 

Advantages of Online Guitar Lessons


If you have a busy schedule and you are unable to attend a schedule online guitar lesson, you can contact your instructor to reschedule.


As long as you have a stable internet, you can connect and attend guitar lessons from home, after work, or anywhere.

Time Management

Online guitar lessons do not require one to commute to class. Therefore, time spent commuting to the guitar lessons is saved.  In addition, you do not have to stress about carrying your guitar to class. 

Rules For Online Guitar Lessons at Guitar Center

Before you book an online guitar lesson at Guitar Center, here is what you should know:

Strictly Zoom

Guitar Center offers its online lessons via Zoom meetings. You will need to install the Zoom Meetings app on your computer and have a stable internet to attend the lesson smoothly.


Online guitar lessons at the guitar center are recorded to allow them evaluate the lesson delivery. 


If you cannot make it to class, you are free to reschedule. However, you must contact them within 24 hours of your rescheduling.

Lessons Expiry

Once you purchase the lessons, you need to schedule and attend them within 90 days of purchase lest they expire.

No Refunds

If you fail to attend the lessons by any chance, your money cannot be refunded. To avoid such inconveniences, purchase lessons only when you are sure to create time to attend all scheduled lessons. 

Other Instruments Taught at the Guitar Center

Apart from learning guitar, there are other instruments taught at Guitar Center. This includes:

  • Bass
  • Banjo
  • Keyboard
  • Mandolin
  • Drums
  • Vocals


Are Guitar Lessons Worth Paying For?

Guitar lessons are worth the cost, especially if you have no clue about the basics of playing guitar. With in-person lessons, you get direct feedback and physical guidance on the basics and advanced guitar skills.

How Many Guitar Lessons Does One Need?

To become a beginner guitar player you need regular weekly lessons for 4-5 months. Other guitar playing levels such as intermediate and advanced take years to learn.

How Many Hours Should I Practice Guitar in a Day?

30 minutes every day for at least two months is enough for beginners. As you grow used to playing, you can do 90 minutes a day to sharpen your skill.

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