The piano and the guitar are amazing instruments to learn. They are divine and bring music to life. The two instruments are also the best, to begin with, if you are starting your journey in music.

If you are torn between learning piano or guitar, the first thing you should do to solve your dilemma is to get information about the learning process of both instruments. This gives you an insight into what is required of you and the amount of time you need to invest in learning.

Once you understand how both instruments work, it is easier to decide. In this article, you will get an insight into both the guitar and the piano to help you decide which one is easier for you.

Is Guitar Easier Than Piano? (Quick answer)

As a beginner, the first thing to do before you decide which instrument to take on is to understand both instruments and what they entail. The piano and the guitar are both learnable as beginner instruments, but it is where your skill and interests lie that will guide you to know which instrument is easier.

Guitar VS Piano

Before you decide on which instrument to learn, here’s a detailed comparison of the guitar and piano, based on the basics.

Mechanics of Playing

One similarity between the two instruments is that they require you to engage both hands when playing. Whether you choose to play the guitar fingerstyle or pick, both your hands must work towards your skill. The piano also requires both hands to engage in pressing the keys accordingly.

While the piano makes pre-determined sounds when you play a certain chord, the guitar requires more effort to produce a clean chord. The chords on the piano are easy to learn as they are positioned in similar intervals.

Each hand plays a different role on both instruments. For instance, when playing the guitar, one hand does the picking while the other presses the strings.

To perfect your skills on the piano, you might find that you need to engage your hands in multiple parts at the same time. For instance, a song might require you to play bass, harmony, and melody simultaneously.

On the other hand, the guitar requires you to master your craft in fretting, how hard you press the strings, and the picking motion to produce great work.


If you want to learn a guitar or piano to commercialize your skills, you need to consider how easy it is to travel with your guitar or piano. To start with, both instruments are portable.

Each instrument needs some accessories to enhance its performance. For instance, if you are going for a guitar gig, you need an amplifier, guitar pedal, cables, and a guitar chair if you are more comfortable playing while sitting.

The piano needs to be accompanied by an amplifier, a stool to sit on, cables, and a pedal. Usually, an electronic piano is more portable than a traditional piano.

Although both instruments are portable, the guitar is more compact compared to the piano. The piano requires more storage space when moving around.


When starting to play a guitar or piano, you need frequent practice. It is easy to find a guitar on any budget, and there are many options if you want to buy a cheap guitar

However, this runs the risk of buying a poorly crafted guitar that will cost you frequent repairs. A good quality guitar that can last you long and produce amazing sound is relatively expensive.

The traditional piano is pricey. However, there are electric pianos that are affordable and produce great sound.

If your decision depends on budget alone, and you are on a small budget, the piano is easier. There are many places with pianos and you can arrange to practice with the piano in church or school. Guitars on the other hand are personal and in most cases, you need to buy one to play.

Guitar vs. Piano For Beginners

When you have no experience playing either of the instruments, it might be hard to decide which one you want. Learning both instruments is a great achievement, but it is better to start with one.

The guitar involves more muscle in terms of how you play, and as a beginner, it might be harder to get the technique of playing guitar. The piano does not engage too much hand mastery and is easier for beginners. If you want an easy beginning, the piano is better.

Noting the key differences between the piano and guitar helps you identify which one is easier for you as a beginner. The final decision ultimately lies with your instinct and which instrument you feel more drawn to.


Both the guitar and piano are amazing instruments to learn. To choose which one is easier, you need to understand what each instrument entails. Understanding the instruments helps you identify which one is easier based on your skills and interests.

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