How to Take Care of Guitar in 7 Proper Ways

Do you know how to take care of guitar and what it takes to maintain it?

Let’s learn a few tips for guitar maintenance that will help you take good care of your own guitar and avoid the common mistakes that beginners make after buying their first gear.

Quick Note: These are simply considered best practices. Following these will help you take care of your gear, but you may come up with your own maintenance schedule! Also, it depends on what kind of musician you are, and how often you play.

How to Take Care of Guitar

1. Don’t Keep it out in the Open

Electric guitars are usually sensitive. They should not be put out in the open for too long except while playing.

There are a lot of things in an electric guitar that aren’t heat resistant. That is why you must keep your guitar inside a case. If you don’t have a case, get one. Remember, guitar health is more valuable than anything else. 

Acoustic guitars also need protection from heat and other stuff that can hurt the body. You must not compromise the health of your guitar by not keeping it inside a case. It may be a hard shell guitar case or a gig bag, both are good for protecting your guitar.

2. Use Guitar Strap

Of course, you have one, and you regularly use it in live shows and practices. But, have you thought about the condition of your strap? Always check the joining points of the strap with your guitar.

Sometimes, they are loose and something bad might happen while you are in the middle of an electrifying performance. Check it once in a while, it won’t take much time! 

Try not to use too many metal elements in your straps, such as hooks or buttons. It is not recommended as it may harm the smooth guitar body.

3. Watch out for your Buttons and Belt

Watch out what you put on whenever you are using your guitar. Avoid metal belts or shirts with metal buttons as well since they may cause serious damage to the back of the guitar.

A large belt buckle may put a scratch (or many) on your guitar! You don’t want to see that after a successful show or a really good jam, do you? 

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4. Use Wall-Hangers and Guitar Stands

Wall hangers protect your guitar from many harms on the ground. Besides, it displays the beauty of your guitar in a cool way! Get a handyman, pay him a few bucks and ask him to attach a hanger on your wall.

Many people use multiple hangers to show their awesome collection! So, if you are looking forward to having a collection for yourself, don’t rule out the idea of hangers!

Stands are also a great alternative to hangers. Especially the ones that keep guitars on the ground, bed, or against the wall.

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5. Change Your Strings Once In a While

What do we play guitar for? The sound and the peace of mind, right? But, sound is the vital element of your entire guitar-playing journey?

And, how to get the purest sound ever? By taking good care of your strings. You must take care of them and change them after a certain time and amount played. 

Some of you might wonder, it is obvious, why brag about it? Well, changing strings is not only essential for a clean sound, but it is also an issue for the guitar body. Old strings cause serious damage to the neck and bridge. Don’t forget to replace them with new ones!

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6. Buy a Guitar Maintenance Setup Toolkit

A guitar setup toolkit works well in dealing with some minor guitar issues.

Maybe, you need to change the alignment or, maybe you need to clean up the fretboard. These are some small issues that don’t need the intervention of a professional.

Following a healthy maintenance schedule for your guitar reduces the risk of your guitar having major hitches or damage.

7. Don’t Stop Playing

You didn’t buy one of the most important things in your life just for the decoration of your bedroom, right? We understand your passion, your love, and your dedication to your guitar!

Try as much as possible to stick to your regular playing schedule. You can always get busy with your job or may fall sick. A guitar doesn’t take much of your time, plus there is a chance it may enlighten your mood. 

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Play some riffs, try some solos, or at least strum for a while, that will keep your guitar in good condition. These ‘babies’ don’t like to stay idle for too long! so, let there be light, let there be music!

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