What Guitars Do Musicians Use?

It is interesting to explore the type of guitars musicians use as a guitarist. The curiosity comes when we desire to play as well as pro guitarist musicians and when one needs to learn something from them.

The guitar is a versatile instrument that creates wonderful music on its own or when accompanied by other instruments.  It is an instrument that many iconic musicians have mastered to play.

There are hundreds of guitar manufacturing companies, and if you are just beginning your journey in guitar, you might feel overwhelmed by choice. 

Being aware of the guitars musicians use could be the guide you are looking for to buy your next guitar and make your career in guitar flourish. In this article, we explore different guitars musicians use, read on to get more insight on this.

What Guitars Do Musicians Use (Quick Answer)

Among the many guitar brands available whether acoustics or electric, Fender and Gibson are popular among musicians. However, musicians are not just limited to these two brands. Other guitars used by musicians are Ibanez electric guitars, Martin acoustic guitars, and Gretsch guitars among others.

Why are Fender and Gibson Guitars Loved by Musicians?

Famous musicians such as Angus Young, Elvis Presley, and Kurt Cobain use fender and Gibson guitars. Some of the most attractive features of the fender and Gibson guitars are:


Fender and Gibson guitars deliver great sound. From the bright sound of electric guitars to the warm, balanced tone of acoustics. The Fender Stratocaster and telecaster have a great twangy tone that is perfect for jazz, rock, and county. Fender strats also have a variety of tonal variations that are preferred by musicians.

Metal guitarists use the Gibson Les Paul models because of their deep, earthy sound which is amazing for riffing.


Both fender and Gibson guitars have highly crafted workmanship. The strings are well placed and the guitar stays in tune for a reliable period.

Fender electric guitars feature high-quality wood on the neck and body. Mostly, fender guitars are made of maple, mahogany, and rosewood. Gibson guitars also use genuine mahogany. The wood used on these guitars not only promotes durability but also plays a role in the tone produced by the guitars.

Fender vs Gibson for Musicians

The quality of Fender and Gibson guitars and the sound they deliver is uncompromised. Both guitars are the best depending on the musicians and the features they prefer. For instance, musicians who prefer single coil pickups go for fender guitars while musicians who like the design of Les Paul opt for Gibson guitars.

In most cases, the choice of guitar for musicians is influenced by their style of playing and the music genre. Otherwise, both fender and Gibson are made in the US with high-quality materials and highly skilled workmanship.

Fender and Gibson have individual strongholds in the sound they produce. Each of them shines in a particular area as far as sound is concerned. For instance, fender guitars are perfect with the bright, twangy sound while Gibson Les Paul guitars have perfected the deep, earthy sound.

If you are torn between Fender and Gibson, think about the kind of music you want to do and the features you prefer your guitar to have. This way, you will settle for the most suitable guitar for your art.

Other Guitar Brands for Musicians

While Fender and Gibson are popular with musicians, this is not to cancel other guitar brands as fit for musicians. Other guitars used by musicians include:


This guitar is a high-quality jazz and blues instrument. Musicians such as Bob Dylan and Tom DeLonge have used Epiphone for their music. The Epiphone shares some similarities with the Gibson Les Paul. The advantage of using the Epiphone is the affordable price compared to Gibson.


Ibanez guitars do a good job of delivering the perfect sound for heavy metal music. Ibanez guitars have a strong, deep sound that is important when playing heavy metal rock. The sound of Ibanez guitars is perfected by a good-quality distortion pedal.

List of Musicians and the Guitars They Use

We have mentioned the popular guitar brands with musicians, now let us get into specific examples of musicians and their guitars:

  • Wilbur Soot, a hit song maker uses a blue fender telecaster
  • Ed Sheeran plays Martin Acoustic guitars for most of his music career
  • Angus Young plays the Gibson SG guitars
  • Alex Turner plays a variety of guitars including a Fender Stratocaster MIM, a Gibson Les Paul Custom, and a Gretsch G6122-12.
  • Billy Gibbons is known for playing the Gibson Les Paul guitars
  • John Mayer’s current main guitar is a PRS Super Eagle II, which he plays during most of his live shows

Most of the musicians mentioned above play a variety of guitars but have a few favorites. The Gibson guitar is played by most musicians.


Most musicians pick guitars according to their style of playing. The quality of hardware used on the guitar and the sound produced are also key factors when choosing guitars. Fender and Gibson guitars are among the most popular guitar brands with musicians due to the quality of sound and workmanship put in the two brands.


Which Type Of Guitar Is Commonly Played By Musicians?

Most songwriters and guitarists use steel-string acoustic guitars when recording and playing live music. The steel string acoustic guitars have a well-projected bright sound.

Is Guitar Harder to Play Than Piano?

Once you grasp the basics, the guitar becomes easier than the piano. It is easier because there is a possibility of self-teaching.

Can You Self-teach Guitar?

It is possible to teach yourself to play guitar. However, this could take you longer to learn than enrolling in guitar lessons. Online platforms like guitar tricks have simple lessons for beginners and help make the learning process shorter.

How Much Time Should You Spend Practicing Guitar Daily?

You can begin by practicing half an hour every day then move up to 90 minutes a day then a few hours a day as your skills progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar do most musicians use?

There’s really quite a range when it comes to the type of guitars that most musicians use, as this varies widely based on factors such as musical genre, personal style, and the artist’s particular skillset. That said, one versatile type of instrument that’s often popular among both beginners and professionals from various music backgrounds is the **electric guitar**. Many famous musicians choose these for their wide range of sound possibilities and suitability to many different music genres.

What guitars do famous musicians play?

When it comes to the type of guitars that well-known musicians prefer to play, there’s a broad spectrum, largely attributed to personal taste, musical genre and how they want to express their artistic talents. Nonetheless, many renowned artists are known to favor iconic models such as **Fender’s Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Gibson’s Les Paul and SG** among others. These are timeless classics that have been visually and sonically desirable throughout ages. They really have the sonic prowess to help an artist tilt the mood of the melody in the directions they desire.

What acoustic guitar do most musicians use?

As someone who has been around guitars for years, I can see why the **dreadnought acoustic guitar**, a powerful and full-bodied instrument, is the preferred choice among most musicians. The dreadnought delivers a balanced and robust sound, making it ideal for strumming and fingerpicking. It’s a versatile instrument that suits a variety of music styles, and its rich sound makes it an all around performer, loved by both beginners and experienced players alike.

What guitar do most rock bands use?

Rock music has a distinctive raw and electric vibe, known for its thunderous riffs and electrifying solos. It demands a guitar that can deliver that level of enthusiasm and power. Therefore, the majority of rock bands tend to gravitate towards sturdy callouts like **Fender’s Stratocaster and Telecaster, and Gibson’s Les Paul and SG**. Distinctive models like Flying Vs, Jaguars, and Explorers also add to the visual appeal on stage, offering a unique aesthetic and diversity in sound for rock ‘n’ roll artists.


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