Don’t get me wrong, the full band music versions are pretty impressive but there is something magical about unique about stripping songs to their unadulterated, raw versions. It is an experience like no other that many music lovers appreciate.

In the hands of a creative mind, an acoustic guitar offers endless possibilities. In the past, acoustic guitars were mainly used as accompanying instruments but are now a fundamental part of musical performances. Ed Sheeran has moved it to the music front and center, managing to deliver an unforgettable one-person show with merely an acoustic guitar.

With that said, there are many acoustic guitars in the market, so you are spoilt for choice. Yamaha F310 is a viable option, but you are likely to ask yourself if it is a perfect guitar. The answer is no, but it is an affordable, decent instrument without frills and ticks several boxes.


Top: Spruce

Strings: steel

Neck: Nato

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bridge: Rosewood

Finish: Gloss

Tuning machines: Opened Chrome

Sides/back: Meranti

Sattelbreite: 43mm

Scale: 634 mm

What to expect from Yamaha F310

If you purchase Yamaha F310, you get a guitar made from high-quality, locally sourced tonewoods, making it quite economical. According to the Yamaha, as part of its sustainability strategy, the construction uses various tonewoods based on their availability, so you get to use a guitar from an environmentally-conscious company.

Spruce wood offers superior tone properties, so the fact that it makes up the top portion of this guitar makes it a reliable instrument.

Like the body, the nice, reasonably slim, and shorter neck is made from locally acquired tonewoods. The 20 fret rosewood fingerboard are placed closer together; therefore, if you are a beginner player, this instrument will be great for breaking your hands gently.

Unfortunately, Yamaha F310 does not have a Venetian cut-away, making access to the upper frets a bit restrictive. Therefore, this guitar may not be suitable for individuals who enjoy whizzing up and down the fretboard.

It is Yamaha Made

The full-size string acoustic guitar combines Yamaha’s expertise and knowledge of professional instruments to make it suitable for experienced and novice players. The F series guitars are famous for their superior sound quality, and with the Yamaha F310, you can meet different sound generation goals.

You can use it in your studio for private training and depend on it to deliver lively and memorable roadshows in front of thousands of music lovers.

You can also use it to showcase your skills to potential clients during music production. It comes with a variety of accessories such as a pitch pipe, additional set of strings, picks, and a guitar bag to serve your needs, so you can seamlessly set it up and enjoy music like an expert


The Yamaha F310 is well-crafted with a slim comfortable neck and a shorter scale length, making it easier to play it without hurting your fingertips while also maintaining the sound quality.

It is designed from select tonewoods like a rosewood fingerboard, Meranti sides and back, Nato neck, spruce top, and combined with a thin, tough lacquer finish to give it a warm, refined, and responsive sound.

The tuners are made of covered chrome; hence you can tune it to your preferred setting. The larger lower body and the better sound make the Yamaha F310 make it a traditional Western guitar.

It has accurately placed frets with the metal strips inserted into the fingerboard; the frets divide the neck into fixed categories at intervals that link with specific genres


As you would expect from Yamaha, the F310 Acoustic guitar has a great resonance to provide an excellent playback and a well-balanced sound. You can play far more expensive acoustic guitars without getting better sound. 

For its price, this guitar has a clear, rich, and powerful bass, making it an excellent guitar for a beginner player. Due to its soft string, you can easily play taps and chords with this guitar.

Some players prefer the matt neck finish found in Yamaha F series because it offers easier playability, especially for individuals with sweaty hands. Due to the shortened scale length, you can comfortably play the more difficult chords.


Due to the hand-finished and precise design of the structure, the Yamaha F310 is an attractive, classy guitar that would be amazing to play in concerts and parties. It has a gloss finish and a spruce top that is typically found in high-end guitars. It comes in Tobacco Sunburst and Natural colors, so you can choose the one you like most.


The Yamaha F310 is developed by Japanese expertise with an unmatched orientation to detail; therefore, you can be sure that this guitar comes with some great qualities. Its features outshine many guitars in the market.

  • High-quality, durable body finish and build
  • Strong bass and powerful sound
  • High-quality neck
  • Great tone
  • Handcrafted body making it an elegant guitar


Every guitar comes with some drawbacks, and the Yamaha F310 is no exception. Its cons include:

  • A bit fragile strings
  • Less stabilized tuner functioning
  • A slightly alleviated bridge, compromising the look
  • May not be suitable for expert guitarists


Is it better to choose a handmade guitar?

Yes, because it comes with a unique quotient and nearly plays by itself. Additionally, it has superior playability and sound quality.

What should I look for when buying an acoustic guitar?

To make the best decision when shopping for an acoustic guitar, consider aspects such as your intention for buying the instrument, skill level, the neck, resonance, body style, materials, and comfort. Ensure the guitar you buy has the features you need at a budget that you can comfortably afford.

Is Yamaha F310 ideal for beginners?

Yes, it is a fantastic option to start your guitar playing journey because it is easy to play, has excellent handling, and comes at affordable prices. It is developed by expert hands with great care, giving it quality tone and sound.

Which strings are used in Yamaha F310?

This guitar comes with durable D’addario strings, which generate great sound resonance, but you can change them to your preferred strings choice.

What size is Yamaha F310?

It is a 41-inch Jumbo Sized guitar with a body size similar to other Jumbo shape guitars.

Final Words

Yamaha gets a thumbs up from us for producing a stable, durable, and great-sounding acoustic guitar that is friendly to your pocket. Its elegant appearance, comfortability, and high-quality sound make it a dream come true for beginner players. The Yamaha F310 lives up to the brand name with its great features.

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